WoW Herbalism

Auxiliary professions: 

Herbalism is the WoW profession that focuses on gathering plants which are used as materials mainly for Alchemy and many other crafting professions.

Herbalism is of particular importance to Rogues, because they use Fadeleaf to make Blinding Powder for their Blind. Also Thistle Tea used by Rogues need Swiftthistle to be made.

Certain amounts of plants gathered by Herbalism are also needed in many important quests as well.

Training in herbalism

Herbalism can be learned from herbalism trainers found throughout the world. Initial training grants the Apprentice level with a potential skill of 75 and allows a few low-level herbs to be gathered. More herbs can be gathered as the herbalist raises their skill level.

Alliance Herbalism Trainers:

  • Shylamiir: Stormwind City, Park (15,49)
  • Tannysa: Stormwind City, Mage Quarter (45,76)
  • Herbalist Pomeroy: Elwynn Forest, outside Stormwind Gates (39,48)
  • Firodren Mooncaller: Darnassus, Temple Gardens (48,68)
  • Malorne Bladeleaf: Teldrassil, in Dolanaar (57,60)
  • Cylania Rootstalker: Ashenvale, in Silverwind Refuge (50,67)
  • Reyna Stonebranch: Ironforge, Great Forge (55,58)
  • Kali Healtouch: Loch Modan, Thelsamar (36,48)
  • Alma Jainrose: Redridge Mountains, Lakeshire (21,45)
  • Telurinon Moonshadow: Wetlands, Menethil Harbor (8,55)
  • Brant Jasperbloom: Dustwallow Marsh, Theramore Isle (64,47)

Horde Herbalism Trainers:

  • Jandi: Orgrimmar, the Drag, upper floor (55,39)
  • Mishiki: Durotar, Sen'Jin Village (55,75)
  • Komin Winterhoof: Thunder Bluff, central bluff (50,39)
  • Ruw: Feralas, Camp Mojache (76,43)
  • Martha Alliestar: Undercity, Apothecarium (64,47)
  • Faruza: Tirisfal Glades, Brill (54,50)
  • Aranae Venomblood: Hillsbrad Foothills, Tarren Mill (61,19)
  • Angrun: Stranglethorn Vale, Grom'gol Base Camp (32,27)

Neutral Herbalism Trainers:

  • Malvor: Moonglade, Nighthaven (45,46)
  • Flora Silverwind: Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay (27,77)
WoWApprenticen/a1 - 75
WoWJourneymann/a75 - 150
WoWExpert10150 - 225
WoWArtisan25225 - 300
The Burning CrusadeMaster401 - 75
Wrath of the Lich KingGrand Master55350 - 450
Cataclysm    Illustrious Grand Master751 - 75
Mists of PandariaZen Master801 - 75
Warlords of DraenorDraenor Master901 - 150
Legion    Legion MasterLegion Master981 - 150
Battle for AzerothKul Tiran / Zandalari †1081 - 175

Leveling herbalism

Herbalism is primarily leveled up by gathering herb nodes. Mousing over an herb node will show a tooltip with the words "Requires Herbalism," color-coded based on whether you can harvest it and how likely you are to get a skill up from it:

  • Red: Insufficient skill to harvest.
  • Orange: 100% chance of increasing skill level.
  • Herb nodes harvested at this difficulty level will often drop fragments rather than an entire plant, e.g.  [Wild Steelbloom Petal] instead of  [Wild Steelbloom].
  • Yellow: Pretty good chance of increasing skill level.
  • Green: Small chance of increasing skill level.
  • Gray: Never increases skill level.

Note that skill bonuses can make the skill-up colors behave a little oddly. While the chance to gain a skill point from an herb depends on your base skill and does not change, the color coding goes by total skill, which causes herbs to appear to "gray out" faster than normal. Thus, with skill bonuses, it's possible to gain a skill point from an herb that seems to be gray.

Skill points can also be gained by completing N [120] Herbs for Healing at the Darkmoon Faire.