World Of Warcraft (wow) database

Welcome to the World of Warcraft knowledge base site, it is also called by avid gamers WoW database! World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPG online games of our time! WoW has many competitors such as Tera, Lineage2, Archage, The Elder Scroll, the last two games are superior to World of Warcraft in the graphics engine and other things. Nevertheless, WoW remains at the moment at the top and in spite of skeptic reviews, continues to add fuel to the fire with its new World of Warcraft SUPPLEMENTS. And it would seem that here now, everyone will start to switch to the Archage or The Elder Scroll, but as a result, all the same remain on the old, but well-proven WoW. Of course, World of Warcraft is not ideal, and many of the previously listed online MMORPG games lose WoW, but in general, none of modern games are complex, as World of Warcraft isn’t happy. Thus, the new on-line jerks, having great advantages over WoW, have huge drawbacks that are not in Warcraft, thus discouraging play on and having to go back to WoW or Lineage2 before the release of GoD. By the way, what else is the merit of Blizzard, in that their developers do not bang a good backbone, but improve it, unlike the developers of the very same Lineage2, who decided to completely kill the interest in the game by updating GoD.