WoW Mining

Profession suitable for classes : 

Mining is the WoW profession that focuses on gathering ores from mineral veins and smelting them into useble metal bars which are needed as materials mainly for Blacksmithing, Engineering and many other crafting professions.

Certain amounts of materials gathered and processed by Mining are also needed in many important quests as well.

Alliance Mining Trainers:

  • Gelman Stonehand: Stormwind City (EK), Dwarven District (51,17)
  • Geofram Bouldertoe: Ironforge (EK), Great Forge (50,26)
  • Yarr Hammerstone: Dun Morogh (EK), Steelgrill's Depot (49,50)
  • Dank Drizzlecut: Dun Morogh (EK), Gol'Bolar Quarry (69,55)
  • Brock Stoneseeker: Loch Modan (EK), Thelsamar (37,47)
  • Matt Johnson: Duskwood (EK), Darkshire (74,49)
  • Kurdram Stonehammer: Darkshore (K), Auberdine (38,41)

Horde Mining Trainers:

  • Makaru: Orgrimmar (K), The Valley of Honor (73,26)
  • Krunn: Durotar (K), Razor Hill (51,40)
  • Brek Stonehoof: Thunder Bluff (K), central bluff (34,57)
  • Brom Killian: Undercity (EK), War Quarter, inner ring (56,37)
  • Johan Focht: Silverpine Forest (EK), The Sepulcher (43,40)

Neutral Mining Trainers:

  • Pikkle: Tanaris (K), Gadgetzan (51,28)


Apprenticen/a1 - 75
Journeymann/a75 - 150
Expert10150 - 225
Artisan25225 - 300
Master401 - 75 The Burning Crusade
Grand Master551 - 75 Wrath of the Lich King
Illustrious Grand Master751 - 75 Cataclysm
Zen Master801 - 100 Mists of Pandaria
Draenor Master-1 - 100 Warlords of Draenor
Legion Master-1 - 150 Legion
Kul Tiran / Zandalari †-1 - 150 Battle for Azeroth

How to Mine

After you grab your Mining Pick Icon Mining Pick (which does not need to be equipped to mine veins and can just be kept in your bags, you should locate a Mining Trainer. Learn Mining as a profession, which will also make you learn the Find Minerals. This skill will show nearby mineral veins as a golden point at your minimap. We suggest you put a button for Find Minerals IconFind Minerals on your Action Bars, because you will need it to constantly re-activate the skill buff, because just like your other buffs, it does not persist through death and has to be re-applied all the time.

Note that mineral veins and deposits generally can be found only on or around cliffs, inside of caves or at dig sites. So, when you look for veins, it is clever to check these places and make your gathering route around the edges of the zones and high places most of the time.

When you see a golden point on your minimap and go to that or you see a mineral vein yourself, you can interact with it to try to mine the vein and gather the ores, stones and mines from it. But you can not mine all veins from the start, you will see different colors representing how hard is it for you to mine that certain vein. These colors represent the skill level needed to mine the vein and they can be:

  • Red means that vein needs higher skill level than you have and you can not mine it.
  • Orange means you can hardly mine this vein, your attempts may often fail but every successful attempt will definitely increase your Mining skill.
  • Yellow means you can normally mine this vein, your attempts may sometimes fail and so every successful attempt will generally increase your Mining skill.
  • Green means you can easily mine this vein, your attempts will rarely fail and so every successful attempt may not increase your Mining skill.
  • Gray means you can mine this vein with no effort, your attempts will never fail and so it will not increase your Mining skill.