WoW Jewelcrafting

Profession suitable for classes : 

Jewelcrafting is a profession which was introduced in the The Burning Crusade expansion. Players are able to make rings, trinkets, necklaces and statues, as well as cut gems for socketed items. Figurines are Jewelcrafter only items, and are a type of trinket that is Bind on Pickup. Special in Wrath of the Lich King are jewelcrafter only gems, which have stats bonuses that exceed the standard gems; they are varying cuts of dragon's eye and three jewelcrafter only gems may be equipped at one time.

Proficiencies and training 

Alliance Trainers

  • Alliance Farii <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [45, 24]
  • Alliance Tatiana <Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [54, 63]
  • Alliance Ounhulo <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [60, 63]
  • Alliance Alestos <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [57, 72]
  • Alliance Theresa Denman <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [63.5, 61.6]
  • Alliance Aessa Silverdew <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [54, 31]
  • Alliance Hanner Gembold <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [51, 26]
  • Alliance Ingo Woolybush <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [66.2, 45.2]

Horde Trainers

  • Horde Kalinda <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [90, 74]
  • Horde Aleinia <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [48, 47]
  • Horde Kalaen <Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [56, 37]
  • Horde Carter Tiffens <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [79, 28]
  • Horde Geba'li <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [41, 53]
  • Horde Lugrah <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [72.5, 34.5]
  • Horde Nahari Cloudchaser <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [35.4, 53.8]
  • Horde Neller Fayne <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [56, 36]

Neutral Trainers

  • Neutral Hamanar <Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [35, 20] (Aldor)
  • Neutral Jazdalaad <Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [44, 34]
  • Neutral Timothy Jones <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> [40, 35]
  • Neutral Kirembri Silvermane <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [58, 74.8] (Scryers)
  • Neutral Oluros <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [71.4, 20.8]
  • Neutral Nemiha <Jewelcrafting Trainer> [36.1, 47.3] (Aldor)
Apprentice51 - 75
Journeyman1050 - 150
Expert20125 - 225
Artisan35200 - 300
Master50275 - 375 Bc
Grand Master65375 - 450 Wrath
Illustrious75425 - 525 Cataclysm
Zen Master85525 - 600 Mists
Draenor Master90600 - 700 Warlords
Legion Master100700 - 800 Legion

High level gems

High level gems are only found in ore nodes in Outland and Northrend and can only be prospected from ore mined from those continents. Each high level colored gem has a color type:red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple and can be cut to have specific attributes which boost stats. Uncut gems can be used in crafting recipes to make other pieces of jewelry, and cut gems are placed within sockets to customize stats bonuses. Items with colored (red/blue/yellow) gem sockets have an additional "socket bonus" that can be activated if cut gems of the appropriate color are placed in all its sockets. Red, orange, and purple match red gem sockets, orange, yellow, and green match yellow sockets and green, blue, and purple match blue sockets. Mismatched gems can be socketed in any socket, albeit the socket bonus will be lost. Uncut gems can be stacked in piles of 20, whereas each cut gem takes up a bag slot and can not be stacked.

Aside from colored gems, there are two additional types of gems, prismatic and meta gems. Prismatic gems match any color socket, except for meta-gem sockets. Meta gems are uncolored gems which only fit in special meta gem sockets and have a set of prerequisite gems of specific color types which must already be socketed in any of the equipped gear for the meta gem to be activated. However, a gem which can fit in two color sockets, can also be counted twice to meet the meta gem prerequisites. For example, 1 red gem, 1 purple gem, can meet the prerequisites for a meta gem requiring 2 red gems and a blue gem to be activated.

Certain items from Outland and Northrend have gem sockets. Blacksmiths, however, can add colorless sockets to their own bracers and gloves, and create [Eternal Belt Buckle] for players to add a colorless socket to high-level belts.


Equipment with sockets on them are found in Outland and Northrend. Gems are cut by Jewelcrafters can cut raw gems into jewels which can then be placed into the socket, giving the item bonus stats. A socketed gem can be replaced with a different gem, but this will destroy the original gem.

Gems come in eight colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, prismatic, and meta. Excluding meta gems and sockets, any colored gem will fit into any colored socket. However, matching the gem and socket colors allows for the socket bonus to be activated. Primary-color gems - red, yellow, and blue - will only match sockets for their color. Secondary-color gems - green, orange, and purple - will match either of the two slots that correspond to their color. Finally, tertiary-color gems (which include only the  [Void Sphere] and  [Prismatic Sphere]) will fit into any color slot (excluding meta) and still activate the slot bonus. Secondary gems also have combinations of two different bonuses, while primary gems only boost one stat. Meta gems possess their own color requirements to activate, so a player might choose to forfeit an item's socket bonus in favor of a more desirable meta bonus. The two prismatic gems (Void and Prismatic Spheres, which are crafted by enchanters) will, since they are a combination of all colors, provide resistance to all forms of magic.

For example, a basic red cut is to turn a  [Blood Garnet] into a  [Teardrop Blood Garnet], giving +13 healing spells. A basic yellow cut is to turn a  [Golden Draenite] into a Brilliant Golden Draenite, giving +6 intellect. However, a  [Flame Spessarite] is an orange gem that can be cut into a Luminous Flame Spessarite, a gem that gives both +7 healing and +3 intellect and will match either a red or yellow socket.

There are many gems that can be cut to fit in sockets. For each color, there is an uncommon gem, which can be cut using patterns from vendors and quartermasters that are learnable at jewelcrafting skill 300 to 325; and a rare gem, which can be cut according to rare, world drop designs learnable at jewelcrafting skill 350. Meta gems fit into meta sockets, which only appear on high-level head-slot items, and cuts for them are learnable at jewelcrafting skill 365, although some meta-slot jewels are boss drops and cannot be crafted. Raw meta gems are produced by alchemists by transmuting a number of raw minerals and primals into special diamonds.

There are also epic equivalents of each gem color, obtained through mining nodes in the Mount Hyjal instance, drops from mobs in the Black Temple or they can also be traded in Shattrath City for Badges of Justice. The designs for their respective cuts are available through reputation with Scale of the Sands or Shattered Sun Offensive.