WoW Skinning

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Skinning is a gathering profession, with which you can skin Leather from certain dead mobs (mostly Beasts and Dragonkins). It is a very useful support profession that works very well with Leatherworking, but also with Tailoring and Blacksmithing.


  • Balthus Stoneflayer — Ironforge (40,32)
  • Maris Granger — Stormwind City (68,49)
  • Eladriel — Darnassus (30,52)
  • Helene Peltskinner — Elwynn Forest (46,62)
  • Radnaal Maneweaver — Teldrassil (42,50)
  • Jayla — Ashenvale (50,67)
  • Wilma Ranthal — Redridge Mountains (89,71)


  • Killian Hagey — Undercity (70,59)
  • Thuwd — Orgrimmar (63,45)
  • Mooranta — Thunder Bluff (44,43)
  • Dranh — Mulgore (45, 59)
  • Yonn Deepcut — Mulgore (45,58)
  • Rand Rhobart — Tirisfal Glades (65,60)
  • Kulleg Stonehorn — Feralas (74,43)
  • Malux — Desolace (23,69)
ProficiencyLevelPotential SkillCast
Classic    53001.5 sec
The Burning Crusade58751.5 sec
Wrath of the Lich King58751.5 sec
Cataclysm    78751.5 sec
Mists of Pandaria78751.5 sec
Warlords of Draenor881001.5 sec
Legion    1001001.5 sec
Battle for Azeroth-1501.5 sec

Skinning is a very popular and useful profession in WoW. While leveling, it is very convenient to pick up gathering professions, since they do not require much time to level. With Skinning, you will be able to skin what you kill.

Skinning can be used on Beasts, Dragonkin, some Humanoids, and Silithids. You can only skin a mob if the corpse has been completely looted. Skinning works great when paired with the crafting profession Leatherworking.

In order to start skinning, you need to purchase a Skinning Knife from any Skinning trainer or general store. You need this item in your inventory in order to skin a mob, but you DO NOT need to wear it to skin.