WoW Cooking

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Cooking allows players to create food and drinks for players to consume to regenerate health and resources. This is a secondary profession, meaning it does not take up one of the primary slots that others would, such as Blacksmithing or Mining.

If you are going to level up Cooking, we recommend leveling it alongside Fishing, as you can use most of the fish that you catch to level up Cooking.

Alliance Cooking Trainers

  • Alegorn — Darnassus
  • Cook Ghilm — Dun Morogh
  • Craig Nollward — Dustwallow Marsh
  • Crystal Boughman — Redridge Mountains
  • Daryl Riknussun — Ironforge
  • Gremlock Pilsnor — Dun Morogh
  • Kelsey Yance — Stranglethorn Vale
  • Stephen Ryback — Stormwind City
  • Tomas — Elwynn Forest
  • Zarrin — Teldrassil

Horde Cooking Trainers

  • Aska Mistrunner — Thunder Bluff
  • Eunice Burch — Undercity
  • Mudduk — Stranglethorn Vale
  • Pyall Silentstride — Mulgore
  • Zamja — Orgrimmar

Training as a Cooking

  • Apprentice (0-75)
  • Journeyman (76-150)
  • Expert (151-225)
  • Artisan (226-300)
  • Master The Burning Crusade (301-375)
  • Grand Master Wrath of the Lich King (376-450)
  • Illustrious Grand Master Cataclysm (451-525)
  • Zen Master Mists of Pandaria (526-600)
  • Draenor Master Warlords of Draenor (601-700)
  • Legion Master Legion (701-800)


Cooking works just like any other crafting-profession; in order to advance your skill, you must constantly create dishes or higher levels by obtaining the recipes and ingredients. Whenever you create an item at a proper profession level, you may be guaranteed or have the chance of gaining a skill point.

The color of the recipe in your cooking window (menu) indicates whether you will gain a skill point in Cooking when you create the item. The color codes of all professions, including Cooking, are as follows:

  • Red - Cannot create yet; you need a higher skill level in Cooking before you can create this recipe. You'll never see this on a recipe you know as an ability, but you may see it on a recipe as an item (such as  [Recipe: Clam Bar]).
  • Orange - Will always receive a Cooking skill point when you create that item, unless if you're at max skillpoint for your current skill level.
  • Yellow - Likely to receive a Cooking skill point.
  • Green - Unlikely to receive a Cooking skill point.
  • Gray - No chance for skill increase.

All items in crafting-professions eventually end up being gray as your skill improves. Most begin as orange when you learn them, but some begin at yellow, green, or even gray (meaning the recipe cannot give you any skillups at all, such as  [Hot Apple Cider]).

When you gain enough Cooking skill points, you will need to visit a Cooking trainer to advance to the next skill level. Notice that as with other crafting-professions, a higher skill level may be trained prior to "finishing" the one before it. For example, Journeyman may be obtained at skill 50 although Apprentice goes to 75.

With Mists of Pandaria, cooking may now be leveled from 1 to 600 at Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds.