Modal Electronics SKULPT

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The Modal Skulpt is a 4 voice/32 oscillator virtual analog synthesizer that packs a huge range of synthesis power in a highly portable package. Compact enough to fit in a backpack, Skulpt offers features like 128 patch memories, a high resolution real time sequencer with 64 sequences, an 8 x 37 modulation matrix, a comprehensive arpeggiator, parameter sequencing, a resonant filter, distortion and delay effects, and USB and DIN MIDI. An optional software editor is available for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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  • 4 voice / 32 oscillator analog synthesizer
  • 8 oscillators per voice, each with 2 selectable waveforms
  • FM, PWM, tuning, and ring modulation
  • Monophonic, duophonic, and polyphonic modes
  • Unison/Spread functionality
  • 8 slot modulation matrix
  • 3x envelope generators
  • 2x LFOs, one polyphonic and one global
  • 128-note sequencer
  • Comprehensive arpeggiator with controls for division, direction, swing, octave, and sustain
  • Resonant filter
  • Delay and distortion
  • MIDI clock sync
  • 128 patch locations
  • 64 sequence locations
  • 16 note touch keyboard
  • Headphone and line outs
  • Powered via USB or 6x AA batteries
  • Includes protective lid