Modal Electronics

Modal Electronics create some of the most exciting polyphonic and modular synth gear in the world right now and we?re proud to stock their entire range here at Andertons Music Co.

Modal Electronics are a UK-Based synth company that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of analogue synth gear by creating instruments that have a great tactile approach, allowing you to really get hands on while you play their instruments.

Modal Electronics synths are inspiring to play with because every turn of the knob will inspire a new sound and take you down a different sonic path. They’ve been a major part of the mid-2000s renaissance in analogue polyphonic synths with full keyboards – a design that hasn’t been popular since the 1980s when synths were king.

History of Modal Electronics

Modal Electronics are based in Bristol in the UK where they manufacture their large range of analogue synths and Eurorack modular gear. The company began in 2000 as Modulus Electronics where they were established by synth designer Paul Maddox. He set out to build his own version of the Wave 2.2 synth and the result was the Monowave monophonic rackmountable synth with wave scanning. All of the early Modulus Monowaves were built by hand.

Modulus became Modal Electronics in the year 2014 when the 002 synth was released to rave reviews and the company has only grown from strength to strength since then. Modal expanded its product line in 2015 when it launched 2 new keyboard synths – the 001 and the 008. The year 2016 was when Modal got into the Eurorack world and they continue to build on this young legacy by making these incredible-sounding instruments.

The Modal Electronics Range

The 001 Duophonic
The 001 is a duo-phonic and bi-timbral synth with the same voice architecture as the 002. It’s well regarded for its high fidelity tonal response and massive range of 50 different waveforms – from classic analogue sounds to more unique digital shapes.

The Full-Note Synths
At the top of the Modal Electronics food chain, you’ve got the 008 61 note analogue synthesizer which is your do-it-all synth. It’s got 8 discrete voices of polyphony and utilises the highest-grade components throughout to give you the fattest sounds possible.

The Hybrid Rack Synths
The 002 features a superb user interface making this an easily navigable synth. Every change you make will open up new possibilities and you’ve got plenty to work with as it has 8 discrete voices and 2 oscillators per voice.

Check out the entire Modal Electronics range below and make sure you get in touch if you have any questions - we'd be happy to help.