Korg Kaossilator Pro Plus

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As the name suggests, Korg have released a brand new and updated version of their popular and unique Kaossilator Pro synth/looper module. This will coincide with the discontinuation of the previous model and will now be branded the Kaossilator Pro+.

Previous Kaossilator Pro models have been adopted by a number of professional artists to add unique twists to their performances. One example of such an artist would be Beardyman, the beat-boxing genius who's shows need to be seen to be believed! However, due to its sound generation capabilities as well as its looping facilities, it has also been adopted in a number of producers' studios across the world.

The Kaossilator Pro+ (Plus) has been freshly updated for 2013 with more sounds and loops than ever before. The Kaossilator Pro+ comes with 250 sound programs covering a huge range of styles. These include 62 new programs that were not available in the previous model.

On top of these new loops, the Kaossilator Pro+ is the same reliable beast that it's always been. It features the famous touchpad that allows you to play notes and manipulate sounds in real-time, and the Kaossilator Pro+ also has the all-important loop-recording function with 4 infinitely stackable loop banks. On top of this there are a whole host of useful built-in features such as 'Scale/Note' settings (so that you never hit a wrong note again), a Gate Arpeggiator (allowing you to create interesting patterns by simply swiping your finger across the pad) and of course plenty of shiny lights, which as well as allowing you to see what you're doing in dark venues, will also make you look like some kind of futuristic Jean Michel Jarre!

In addition, the Korg Kaossilator Pro+ features USB MIDI, allowing it to be used as a unique MIDI controller and dedicated editor software for managing your samples and settings. It is also fully compatible with the Kaossilator 2 for even more creative possibilities.