Korg Kaossilator 2S

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The Korg kaossilator 2S synthesizer offers you a simple way to create cool and original electronic music in the palm of your hand. Loaded with 150 excellent synth and instrument sounds, plus powerful looping and arpeggiation options, the kaossilator 2S covers a broad range of musical styles. It's configurable X-Y pad lets you quickly tap out melodies, and thanks to sound-on-sound recording, you can build up complete songs wherever you go. Sweetwater electronic music artists are even more stoked about the kaossilator S2's export options, which let you save each recorded layer as a separate layer as its own WAV file or as a complete Ableton Live set.

Korg kaossilator 2S Pocket Synthesizer at a Glance:

  • 150 sounds you can play with a touch of a finger
  • Create complete tracks with sound-on-sound looping
  • Build your next Ableton Live set while you're out

150 sounds you can play with a touch of a finger

If you aren't already familiar with Korg's kaossilator line, then you're going to be blown away, not only by the sounds they've packed into the kaossilator 2S, but by how easy it is to play. The touchpad is set up like a keyboard, with the horizontal access controlling the pitch, and the vertical access controlling other expression parameters, such as filter cutoff or formant. Since you can easily define both the note range and the scale or key, playing melodies on the kaossilator 2S is actually quite easy, and a sophisticated arpeggiator makes playing rhythmical sound incredibly simple. As for the sounds themselves, you'll find everything from synth leads and basses to acoustic instruments and drums onboard the kaossilator S2.

Create complete tracks with sound-on-sound looping

Playing with the kaossilator S2 is a blast in and of itself, but you can take what starts as a simple groove and create entire songs with it, thanks to sound-on-sound recording. In fact, sound-on-sound recording lets you stack up layer upon layer of performances, and the undo/redo function lets you build up your loops and even perform with them. There's even a microphone onboard, which lets you sample sounds or build up vocal harmonies. And since it accepts up to 16GB microSDHC card, you can build up and save tons of songs on your kaossilator S2.

Build your next Ableton Live set while you're out

Toss in a couple of AA batteries, and you're ready to spend hours and hours creating tunes with your kaossilator S2, no matter where you go. What's more, you can take anything you create on your kaossilator S2 and bring it back to your favorite DAW for further tweaking or to use it as a jumping off point for your next musical creation. Not only can you export every layer of your recordings as its own WAV file, you can toss the whole thing onto your computer's hard drive as an Ableton Live set that's ready to go. Don't have Ableton Live? No worries, your kaossilator S2 comes with a copy of Ableton Live Lite.

Korg kaossilator 2S Pocket Synthesizer Features:

  • A palm-sized synthesizer that lets you create and perform music with ease
  • Use the X-Y pad to play 150 sound programs that fit a broad range of musical styles
  • Define your key, scale, and note range to make playing melodies simple
  • Onboard microphone lets you create your own samples on the fly
  • Build entire songs in the loop recorder with sound-on-sound recording and undo/redo
  • Export your songs with WAV files for each layers or as complete Ableton Live sets
  • Comes complete with a copy of Ableton Live Lite DAW software
  • Create music for hours on just a pair of standard AA batteries
  • Accepts up to 16GB microSDHC cards for serious recording capacity