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Curious Tinkerers

The clever, spunky, and oftentimes eccentric gnomes present a unique paradox among the civilized races of Azeroth. Brilliant inventors with an irrepressibly cheerful disposition, this race has suffered treachery, displacement, and near-genocide. It is their remarkable optimism in the face of such calamity that symbolizes the truly unshakable spirit of the gnomes.

Gnomish History

The diminutive gnomes—renowned mechanics, engineers, technicians and tool-makers—have made their mark on Azeroth through the application of a collective intelligence and ambition overshadowing that of their larger peers.

Although little is known concerning gnomish history previous to the Second War, much of gnomish philosophy and recorded knowledge is focused on forward-thinking, inventive concepts. However, recent developments have uncovered evidence that they originated from titan creations; mechanical helpers that were afflicted with the Curse of Flesh, becoming the gnomes of today.

It wasn’t until their discovery by the dwarves centuries later that gnomes were recognized as a viable and important race. The dwarves were impressed with the ingenuity and quickness of their smaller “kin” (for they had also been titan-forged and similarly cursed), and they assisted the gnomes in constructing a capital city, Gnomeregan, in the foothills of Dun Morogh near the dwarves’ own capital of Ironforge. From their wondrous techno-city, gnomes provided invaluable support in weaponry, vehicles, and energetic troops to the Alliance of dwarves, humans, and high elves.

But when the Burning Legion invaded during the Third War, the gnomes strangely refused to send aid to their allies. It wasn’t until the war had ended that the Alliance learned the reason for the gnomes’ withdrawal; an ancient menace had risen from the bowels of Azeroth to strike at Gnomeregan. Knowing that their allies’ priority was defeating the Burning Legion, the gnomes decided to make their stand alone. Though they fought valiantly to save their beloved city, Gnomeregan was lost.

Most of the gnome race was wiped out during the fall of Gnomeregan; some say that as much as 80 percent of Azeroth’s gnomes died during those horrible days. The few survivors fled and established New Tinkertown, where they quietly went about rebuilding their forces, healing their wounds, and preparing to retake Gnomeregan

Starting Zone


In the ongoing effort to reclaim Gnomeregan from Sicco Thermaplugg and his twisted cohorts, the gnomes have carved out a tenuous foothold in New Tinkertown, near the techno-city’s gates. Although work is now under way to retrieve and decontaminate irradiated survivors from Gnomeregan itself, another battle has ignited in Dun Morogh against one of Thermaplugg’s henchmen, Razlo Crushcog. The perils of Gnomeregan are many, but the gnomes and their ingenious leader, High Tinker Mekkatorque, are resolute in facing any threat—be it trogg, toxic sludge, or sentry-bot—to take back their beloved gnomeland. To that end, neutralizing Crushcog before he can further disrupt Gnomeregan’s liberation has become pivotal to achieving victory.