Dreadbox Splash

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The Dreadbox White Lines Splash Module is a high-quality, Eurorack-style module featuring Nyx’s reverb effect, housed in a unique design created by Crazy Tube Circuits. The Dreadbox Splash Module includes 3 varying reverb algorithms, ranging from a subtle effect to large hall-like ambience. Each of the three reverb algorithms are fully customisable via decay and excite controls, allowing you to cater to any input source. The black-panel design is uniformed with the rest of the White Line Module series, and includes sliding faders for the Exciter, Decay and Mix. It also includes a CV control with four inputs in total for optimal flexibility.

Dreadbox Nyx’s Reverb Effect

The Dreadbox Splash White Lines Module takes it unique reverb effect directly from the renowned Dreadbox NYX synth. Expanding on Nyx’s reverb effect, the Splash Module includes 3 different reverb algorithms, which are all fully customisable via the decay and excite controls. The unique design was developed and create in collaboration with Crazy Tube circuits, basing the design on the classic Splash guitar pedal. This dedicated reverb module takes up minimal space on a Eurorack and supplies you with a high-quality reverb effect, developed using years of expertise. The reverb effect itself ranges from a subtle exciter to a large hall-sized ambience effect.

Streamlined Controls

The streamlined and ergonomic layout features three main sliding faders. The three faders consist of the Exciter, Decay and Mix parameters. These sliders allow you to dial in the right amount of level for each parameter with ease. Located next to the faders is a three-position switch that allows you to toggle between the different modes. This allows you to achieve everything from ambient effects to spring style reverbs. The compact design only takes up 8HP of room on a rack, ideal for the space conscious user. In total, the unit features 4 patch points including: Exciter, Decay, Input & Output.


  • Incorporates Dreadbox Nyx’s reverb effect
  • Unique design created by Crazy Tube Circuits
  • Three varying reverb algorithms
  • Each algorithm can be customised using the decay and excite controls
  • Effects range from subtle ambience to spring style reverb
  • Only 8HP in size


  • Algorithms: Three (Exciter, Moderate Sized Reverb, Large Reverb)
  • Input: 10Vpp max
  • Exciter CV Input: 0-5V max input
  • Decay CV Input: 0-5V max input
  • Other: Output
  • Current Draw: 30mA (at +12V) / 15mA (at -12V)