Yamaha RM1x

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The Yamaha RM1x is a groovebox manufactured by Yamaha from 1999 to 2002. It integrates several, commonly separate, pieces of music composition and performance hardware into a single unit: a step-programmable drum machine, a synthesizer, a music sequencer, and a control surface.

The front panel of the RM1x is angled slightly to facilitate tabletop use but Yamaha also produced an accessory to allow rack-mounting the unit. The RM1x is organized into five blocks: sequencer block, tone generator block, controller block, effect block, and arpeggio block.

Sequencer block

The sequencer block has three modes of operation: pattern mode, pattern chain mode, and song mode. All patterns, pattern chains, and songs are saved in non-volatile memory. The RM1x also has a 3.5" floppy disk drive for additional storage and archiving. Patterns may be up to 256 measures long for looped playback, and up to 16 MIDI parts deep. Patterns may be grouped into named styles, with up to 16 patterns per style. 

Yamaha supplies 60 preset styles. Patterns may be programmed step-wise, like a drum machine, or recorded in real-time from MIDI input and control-surface buttons and knobs. A sequence of patterns may be chained together in up to 999 chain slots. The RM1x can save up to 20 songs at a time in memory, from sequenced or realtime recorded MIDI events.

Tone generator block

The RM1x has a Yamaha AWM2 tone generator block, producing sound in response to sequenced events, the controller block, and from the MIDI IN connector. Up to 32 notes can be played simultaneously from 16 timbres selected from 654 voices and 46 drum kits. Each voice has an independent filter with cutoff, resonance, and envelope control.