WoW Reputation

You can gain or lose favor, otherwise known as reputation, with many of the several different factions in Azeroth by completing certain quests or killing certain creatures (mostly bosses and mobs). Doing so will usually unlock special rewards or new quests to accomplish.

You can also increase your reputation by doing repeatable reputation quests.

Reputation Levels
to levelup
Exalted999 Access to racial and faction mounts and tabards
Friendly 6,00010% 
Unfriendly  3,000 Cannot buy, sell or interact.
Hostile3,000 You will always be attacked on sight
Hated36,000 You will always be attacked on sight

Reputation levels and points

Reputation is very similar to experience. Reputation is divided into a number of different levels for which players must earn reputation points to progress through. Higher reputation levels generally require more points than the previous level to progress. The exception is hated, which spans a very large number of reputation points. Reputation points, just like experience points, are gained through quests and killing various mobs. Unlike experience, it is possible to lose reputation points with some factions, either by killing members of the faction or by assisting rival factions. For rival factions, gaining reputation with one will normally decrease reputation with the other, but at a greater rate. For instance, if you kill a magram centaur, you will gain 20 points of reputation from the gelkis, but will lose 100 points from the magram. Currently there are 3 of these rival-faction pairs: Gelkis vs. Magram (both Centaur), Steamwheedle Cartel (Goblins) vs. Bloodsail Buccaneers (pirates), and Ravenholdt (rogues) vs. Syndicate (Thugs).

Various quests and faction-specific rewards are available across the levels, but the player must be able to interact with the faction NPCs to gain access to these rewards. This usually requires Neutral or better standing.

Reputation sheet

You can check your reputation with all factions by pressing the "u" hotkey or by going to the Character window ("c" hotkey) and clicking on the Reputation tab along the bottom. You can also enable or disable various options:

  • Show as experience bar: Allows you to display one reputation bar as a experience bar on your main display.
  • At War: If checked, you can initiate combat with NPCs of that faction, and your AoE spells will affect the mobs of that faction. It's always checked if you are Hated or Hostile; it can't be checked for races within your faction (Alliance/Horde).
  • Inactive: Moves the selected faction to the bottom of the reputation pane.

Gaining and losing reputation

Completing non-repeatable quests will usually increase your reputation with the quest giver's faction(s) by a fixed number of points. Most of the factions also have special repeatable quests that give reputation when completed, or special mobs that give reputation when killed.

Full reputation is still gained by questing at a higher level. For example, completing low level quests with a level 80 character now gives full reputation. This makes it easier to get to exalted and buy another faction's mount.

Grey mobs used to give 20% of the normal reputation until the release of Patch 3.0.8. Now any mob will give full reputation. See the mob difficulty colors chart for when mobs transition from green to grey.

Mobs and quests sometimes both increase your reputation with a faction but decrease it with another. For example, killing Gelkis centaurs will increase your reputation with the Magram, but it will also decrease your reputation with the Gelkis. Thus there is no way to be Friendly with the Gelkis and the Magram at the same time (though if you kill neither you can remain neutral).

For higher-end factions, a general strategy exists to make a reputation grind as painless as possible. Take the Argent Dawn for example. There are several ways in which to earn reputation for them: doing standard quests, killing mobs in and around Scholomance and Stratholme, killing bosses, and doing repeatable quests. The problem is that each of these methods will only work to a certain extent. Killing standard mobs will usually only get you to Revered or so. After that, only quests and bosses will give reputation and these are of course harder to do. Therefore, it is in a player's best interest to go as far as possible on mob kills alone and then use repeatable quests and standard quests to get through revered. Example: for Argent Dawn reputation, run Scholomance and Stratholme to get reputation from kills until you reach Revered status. At this point, reputation gained from killing mobs will stop, but you should have built up quite a collection of Scourgestones and such to turn in in rapid succession to further boost your reputation. Similar tactics can be applied to other factions, simply varying the instances you run.

Reputation Modifiers

There are some buffs that increase the rate at which one gains reputation. Human characters have a racial passive spell called Diplomacy which increases all reputation gains by 10%. Reputation modifiers are added together, not multiplied.

Gaining reputation with the Horde or Alliance factions

Every playable race has a home faction, for example Darnassus for night elves, Orgrimmar for orcs, etc.

Gaining reputation with your home faction provides access to discounted prices at their vendors. However, gaining reputation with other factions may provide additional benefits, such as specific items, patterns, etc which can be purchased from vendors of that faction at certain reputation levels. In addition, if you want a mount of a faction that is not your own, you must be Exalted with them. For example, if you are a troll and you want to buy a wolf mount, you must be Exalted with Orgrimmar. Note that among the alliance only Dwarves and Gnomes may ride the Gnomish Chicken Strider mount.

Most quests for an Alliance or Horde faction will give full reputation gain for that faction, and one quarter of that reputation gain for the other factions on that side. For example, a quest completed for a Stormwind NPC will give 250 Stormwind reputation and 62.5 reputation for the other Alliance factions.

There is no way to increase or even view your reputation with factions of the opposite team (ex: You cannot increase your Undercity reputation while playing an Alliance character).

List of factions and rewards

GroupFactionGaining RepRewards
AllianceAlliance Darnassus
Alliance Gnomeregan Exiles
Alliance Ironforge
Alliance Stormwind
Completing non-repeatable quests. Completing the many repeatable quests in Alterac Valley (see section on the Repeatable reputation quest).Racial mounts at exalted.
Discounts according to level of reputation.
HordeHorde Darkspear Trolls
Horde Orgrimmar
Horde Thunder Bluff
Horde Undercity
Completing non-repeatable quests. Completing the many repeatable quests in Alterac Valley (see section on the Repeatable reputation quest).Racial mounts at exalted.
Discounts according to level of reputation.
Alliance PvPAlliance League of Arathor
Alliance Silverwing Sentinels
Alliance Stormpike Guard
Fighting in the battlegrounds; completing non-repeatable quests. Repeatable quests in Alterac Valley for Stormpike Guard.<Justicar> title when exalted with all three.
Horde PvPHorde Defilers
Horde Frostwolf Clan
Horde Warsong Outriders
Fighting in the battlegrounds; completing non-repeatable quests. Repeatable quests in Alterac Valley for Frostwolf Clan.<Conqueror> title when exalted with all three.
Steamwheedle CartelNeutral Booty Bay
Neutral Everlook
Neutral Gadgetzan
Neutral Ratchet
Can be increased completing non-repeatable quests or killing certain mobs. Every time you gain or lose a certain amount of reputation with one of these factions, you will gain or lose 50% of that amount with all the others. Almost all quests for Booty Bay will lower your reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Repeatable turn-in quests offered when below neutral standing. Repeatable quests from the goblin vendor by the boat to Feathermoon in Feralas give rep with the entire Cartel simultaneously as will the repeatable quest Free Knot! inside of Dire Maul.
Discounts according to level of reputation. If you are at war with these factions you cannot use the neutral auctions or some ships without being attacked on sight by guards.
Raid FactionsBrood of NozdormuKilling mobs during the Ahn'Qiraj gates opening event, and killing mobs in the Ruins and Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Also via the repeatable quest The Hand of the Righteous.Rewards include a special ring and epic class sets with token drops from AQ40.
Raid FactionsCenarion CircleKilling Twilight mobs in Silithus and turning in items dropped by them; completing non-repeatable druid quests; completing Lunar Festival quests; killing mobs in AQ20 and AQ40.Several rewards including class items from AQ20 token drops.
Raid FactionsHydraxian WaterlordsKilling elementals in Silithus or mobs in Molten Core.Before Patch 3.0.8, Items to summon Majordomo Executus in Molten Core.
Raid FactionsScale of the Sands Killing mobs in the Battle for Mount Hyjal.Rings and gem cuts.
Raid FactionsZandalar TribeKilling mobs in Zul'Gurub, doing the quests given at Yojamba Isle, and turning in coin sets or destroying Hakkari Bijoux, as well as turning in Shen'dralar Arcanums.Several rewards including class items from ZG token drops.
OtherArgent DawnKilling undead or turning in Scourgestones dropped by undead; completing non-repeatable quests. Also offered reputation for quests and killing some mobs during the Scourge Invasion.There are several rewards.
OtherBloodsail Buccaneers
Killing Booty Bay guards. It will decrease your reputation with Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan, and Ratchet. Also by completing non-repeatable quests only offered after attaining high enough reputation.You can get a special quest chain at friendly, leading to [Bloodsail Admiral's Hat].
OtherDarkmoon FaireVarious item turn-ins, rare repeatable quests offered as fortunes, and two non-repeatable quests.Discounted sale of various foods.
OtherGelkis Clan Centaur

Killing Magram centaurs. Lowers your reputation with the Magram Clan Centaur.

Various non-repeatable quest rewards.
OtherMagram Clan CentaurKilling Gelkis centaurs. Lowers your reputation with the Gelkis Clan Centaur.Various non-repeatable quest rewards.
OtherRavenholdtTurning in junkboxes pickpocket mobs by Rogues (lowers Syndicate reputation), or by turning in emblems pickpocketed from Syndicate mobs and some non-repeatable quests (both Rogue only). Repeatable. Killing Syndicate mobs in Hillsbrad Foothills and Alterac Mountains (up to revered).Offer a few quest rewards.
Turning in Dire Maul books and librams.formerly needed for <the Insane> title; requirement removed
OtherSyndicateKilling Ravenholdt mobs. Lowers your reputation with Ravenholdt.No known rewards.
OtherThorium Brotherhood
Various item turnins .Several rewards including Fire Resist crafting recipes.
OtherTimbermaw HoldKilling other Furbolgs in Winterspring and Felwood, and turning in items dropped by them.Several rewards.
OtherWintersaber TrainersCompleting time-consuming repeatable questsUnique mount.
RemovedRevantusk TribeDoing quests at Revantusk Village. This faction was removed as of patch 1.11.No known rewards.
RemovedWildhammer ClanTurning in items dropped by trolls in The Hinterlands.No known rewards.
RemovedSilvermoon RemnantUnknown Mentioned in Patch 1.6.No known rewards.
RemovedTheramoreUnknown Mentioned in Patch 1.6.No known rewards.