WoW Druid Macros - Feral (WotLK 3.3.5)

Bear Form

/cast !Dire Bear Form(Shapeshift)

This is just a simple power-shift macro for bear form.The ! in the macro make is that you always stay in the form.You can use this with any form, all you need to do is replace the "Dire Bear Form(Shapeshift)" with you preferred form.Make sure to leave in the !

Cat From with added benefits

#showtooltip Prowl
/cast [mod:ctrl, stealth] Prowl
/cancelform [mod:ctrl, nostealth]
/cancelform [form:5]
/cast [nomod,nocombat,form:3] !Prowl
/cast [nomod,combat, nostealth] !Cat Form(Shapeshift)
/cast [nomod, noform:3] !Cat Form(Shapeshift)

This macro does multiple things.

  1. If you hold CTRL and you are stealthed you will leave stealth(Prowl)
  2. If you hold CTRL and you are not stealthed it will shift you out of any form into caster form.This is great when hunters are trying to cast "Scare Beast" on you.
  3. It will cancel flight form.Great for droping in on horde in WPvP
  4. It will use Prowl if you're out of combat and in cat form.Notice the ! in the macro.This makes it so you can spam it and you will never leave stealth
  5. If you are in combat and can't Prowl it will powershit cat form
  6. If you are not in cat form it will shift you into cat form

/cast Survival Instincts

Defensive macro.Uses survival instinct.If you are not in Cat/Bear form it will shift into bear form first.If you are in Cat form you will stay in cat form and Survival Instincts will be used.

Frenzied Regeneration

#showtooltip Frenzied Regeneration
/cast [nostance:1] !Dire Bear Form(Shapeshift)
/cast Enrage
/cast Frenzied Regeneration

Defensive macro that will put you into bear form, use Enrage and use Frenzied Regeneration
NOTE: You need to spam this macro becouse of the global cooldowns.

Universal Travel Form

/cast [swimming] !Aquatic Form;[flyable,nocombat,outdoors] !Swift Flight Form;[indoors] !Cat Form;!Travel Form;

Nice universal travel macro.Will use Aqua form in water, Swift Flight Form if you can fly in the zone and you are out of combat.Cat form if you are indoors and Travel form the rest of the time.
NOTE: Does not work in Wintergrasp game.Probably something to do with the zone being flyable when no game is in session.

Burst Macro

/cast Berserk
/use 13

Simple burst macro.Uses Berserker and top trinket.

Bash with focus and mouseover

#showtooltip Bash
/cast [mod:shift,@mouseover,exists,harm][mod:shift,@focus,exists,harm][nomod] Bash

Great macro for stunning a target.Normal press will just use Bash as normal.If you hold shift it will use Bash on a mouseover target if one exists and is an enemy, else it will use it on your focus target if it's an enemy IN THAT ORDER.So it's mouseover>focus.If you hold shift and you focus and mouseover targets are invalid it will do nothing. I use this same template for most of my skills.All you need to do is replace the Bash this the name of you other skill. Skills I use this template on:Bash, Cyclone, Hybernate, Root, Soothe Animal, Rake(for puting bleed on rogues/ferals so they can't sleath), Feral Fire(have a special macro for that below)

Special Feral Fire

/cancelform [noform:1/3]
/cast [form:0,mod:shift,@mouseover,exists,harm][form:0,mod:shift,@focus,exists,harm][form:0,nomod] Faerie Fire
/cast [mod:shift,@mouseover,exists,harm][mod:shift,@focus,exists,harm][nomod] Faerie Fire (Feral)

It will use Faerie Fire (Feral) in bear/cat forms and will use the caster feral fire in caster form.Also if you are not in Bear/Cat or caster form it will shift out into caster form and use Caster Feral File.The reson for this is:If you shift into a form you trigger a global cooldown, but you u shift out you do not.So this is great if you are in travel Form and you see a rogue/feral.

Healing Touch with focus and mouseover

/cast [mod:alt,@player][mod:shift,@focus,exists,noharm][mod:shift,@mouseover,exists,noharm][nomod] Healing Touch

My template for all my healing skills.

  1. If Alt is presed it will cast the heal on yourself
  2. if shift is pressed and you have a friendly mouseover it will cast it on them
  3. if shift is pressed and you do not have a friendly mouseover but you have a friendly focus it will cast it on them
  4. if shift is pressed and you dont have a friendly mouseover or a friendly focus it will do nothig
  5. if no mod it pressed it will cast it normaly on your target.

I use this template for a lot of skills.All you need to do is replace the Healing Touch with you prefered skill;

Skill I use this template on:Healing Touch, Innervate, Abolish Poison, Remove Curse, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, Nourish, Rebirth