Waves - Maserati GTi

Tony Maserati on the GTi Guitar Toner: УThe GTi was created with all the different guitar players IТve admired in mind. I tried to find settings that would be a starting place for getting their sound, from the СCleanТ in-your-face sound of, say, Elliott Smith to the wide chorus-y spread of The PoliceТs Andy Summers using the СClean ChorusТ setting. On the СHeavyТ setting, a bit of level and EQ help your already crunched guitar sound scream through any thick instrumentation youТve got. СThick RhythmТ lets you to subtly or substantially make your rhythm guitar sound livelier; it also works great on Wurlis and Horns. The СSoft FlangeТ setting is just that; it adds interesting and subtly audible filtering to legato notes or sustained electric guitars. My intention was to make these effects usable in a wide variety of applications. The wild and crazy FX are out there; you already got Сem if you need Сem!Ф

  • All-in-one multi-effect plugin for guitars
  • Selectable Insert & Send modes
  • Created in collaboration with mixing engineer Tony Maserati
  • Bring MaseratiТs multi-Platinum sound to your studio!