Waldorf Music

Waldorf Music AG was a German synthesizer company. Waldorf is best known for its Microwave wavetable synthesizer and Q virtual analogue synthesizer lines. On 5 February 2004, Waldorf Music AG declared insolvency at a German court. In Summer 2006 a new company Waldorf Music GmbH (GmbH = limited) was formed officially. The new companies' Management board: Joachim Flor (former director of sales), Stefan Stenzel (former director of research and development). The new company is not a legal successor for the old Waldorf company.

The company was founded in 1988 by Wolfgang Düren. Before this Wolfgang Düren was the German distributor of PPG. The name of this company refers to the German town Waldorf (near to the former capital of West Germany: Bonn) where the company was founded. The company was headquartered in Schloss Ahrenthal.