Vermona Modular Dock

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The peculiarly named Mono Lancet is an analogue synth of the old school, boasting two oscillators, a filter with a debilitating debt to Moog, and knobs galore!

In the spring of 2003, I met and fell for the Vermona Perfourmer — an analogue synthesizer capable of being four independent monophonic synths, a four‑voice polyphonic, or every combination in between. Each voice had a fairly basic single-VCO architecture, but the limitations paled into insignificance if measured against the quality of its output.

The Perfourmer is heavy for its size, and I eventually stopped gigging it due to age and feebleness (mine, that is). But I always hoped for a more portable example, ideally in a 1U rack space. Well, I've got some of my wish in Vermona's latest offering, the Mono Lancet. It's a desktop unit rather than a rack, but its single voice has two oscillators, which is a bonus.