Vermona Action Filter 4

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The 4th generation of Vermona´s Action Filter has a better mechanical construction and amended controls. Soundwise nothing has been changed and the unit still is a very attractive, good sounding stereo analog filter which is useful not only for DJs.

Tool for DJs, musicians and remixers that is very useful for live due to the easy and intuitive operation of the pratical features. There are two analog filters, high and a low pass, each with -24dB/octave slope. Each filter has controls for cutoff frequency and resonance; the resonance does not oscillate for preventing too high audio levels.

Bandpass and Notch modes are available, with both filters working simultaneously and influencing each other. You can set the width of the bandpass bell as well as the notch and work with two different resonance settings!

For rhythmical effects the Action Filter has a trigger button that activates the bypass - this makes it possible to switch rapidly back and forth between the original signal and the processed one. The Action Filter is an effect which wants to be played like an instrument, which is the reason why the controls and operation are pretty easy and have quick-access. Two different sound characteristics, rough and smooth, can be selected from directly on the faceplate and the filter's gain can be used for overdrive effects.