UDO Super 6

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The UDO Audio Super 6 is a 12 voice hybrid polyphonic synthesizer that utilizes an incredible high quality FPGA based architecture, coupled with the very best subtractive analogue toolset allowing to craft a stunning array of classic or unusual tones.

The Super 6 features two DDS oscillators, which run at 50Mhz sample rates, each containing a super-wavetable core that consist of a master oscillator and 6 phase corrected “sister” oscillators, to give you an immense stereo width. Four subtractive waves and 16 wavetables are available at each oscillator, with user defined wavetable upload possible for each core. The second DDS oscillator can hard sync to DDS1, cross fade, cross modulate and hard sync to the first oscillator and can also serve as an extra LFO or sub oscillator with switchable wave shapes.

Super6’s filter is a 4-pole resonant state-variable filter which can serve as a fixed frequency high pass coupled to it’s standard low pass to form a band pass with full control over resonance and even provides a unique autotune feature for precision key tracking.

What it comes to modulation, Super6 has that on lock down: LFO1 has a super wide range, 6 possible waveforms, one shot mode, keytracking for superb FM performance and a dedicated slider to control the left to right phase, utilizing the binaural structure of the synth. There’s also two envelopes and an incredibly deep, yet very user friendly modulation matrix.

Super 6 is a super immediate synthesizer, providing you with instant access to all the vital controls you need for deep editing and performance and it sounds bloody fantastic.

The main features of the UDO Audio Super 6 include

  • 12-voice hybrid polyphonic synthesizer
  • Two DDS oscillators
  • 4-pole resonant low pass filter
  • Deep modulation capabilities
  • Configurable audio input
  • Unique arp and sequencer section
  • 192KHz resolution DSP effects
  • 49-note FATAR keybed
  • Available in both black and blue
  • Designed in Bristol