U-He - Uhbik-P

Uhbik‑P shares a lot of the same modulation topology, but the actual parameter set is a little different; there are controls for the wet/dry mix, the depth of the effect, the centre frequency of the effect and positive or negative feedback amount. Finally, there is a switch that controls the number of stages which, unusually for a phaser, starts at 14 and goes all the way up to a stratospheric 42! For those of you unfamiliar with phasers, the number of stages (technically, all‑pass filters) involved will directly influence the apparent depth and 'swirl' of the phaser.

Browsing through the presets, I was surprised at just how resonant the 42‑stage phaser could be! In many cases, this phaser can take on the qualities of a resonator and give you all manner of 'tuned pipe' sounds; as was the case with the reverb, some of the presets are actually a little distracting, as I feel that most users wouldn't use these kinds of extreme settings too often. I actually got results which were much more usable, to my ears, with the 14‑stage and occasionally the 28‑stage settings, but kudos to designer Urs Heckmann for including the 42‑stage option! In general, the sound is quite spacious, open and airy, and even 'chewy' (don't you just love the language we all speak in relation to sound?). The overall character didn't strike me as being as 'different' as that of the other plug‑ins here, but it's still a very useable example of a phaser.