Tube Ohm - Alpha-Ray

Alpha-Ray synth was released by Tube Ohm company based on making and selling virtual tools. Alpha-Ray synth vst is 10 voice polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer. You could use this synth to create sounds of heavy distortion and another virtual signals like pluck, bass and more. Alpha-Ray vst include as oscillators as 1 sub oscillator, 2 main oscillators, also you can see other sound processing such as 2 main LFO, 1 mod LFO and 3 Filters. You can also use polyphonic overdrive mode from oscillator 1, 2 and sub oscillator. By the way Alpha-Ray has many music effects such as delay cluster, special reverb, normal reverb, Delay 'x' and normal mode. This synth also give you good sounding of electronic instruments: pluck or lead, chord and pad. Alpha-Ray's main oscillators include very interesting switching modes: fm, fine, semi, octave to make very beautiful sounds but of course that is not easy. By the way synth has 3 envelopes with VCO, VCF and Pitch modes. That give you make unusual audio signal using enhanced option from Alpha-Ray synth.

Alpha-Ray features:

  • -1 Sub oscillator and 2 Main oscillators using 10 voices polyphony synthesis
  • -1 Mod LFO, 2 main
  • -Oscillator FM
  • -Oscillator SYNC
  • -Enhanced possibilities of modulation
  • -Pitch modulation
  • -Oscillator 1, 2 and sub oscillator using Polyphonic overdrive
  • -Manual in 4 languages, Italian, French, English and German
  • -3 Filters