Tauren Racial Abilities

[Brawn] - Brawn is a tauren racial trait.

[Cultivation] - Cultivation is a passive racial skill known by all Tauren, granting them 15 extra points in Herbalism and decreasing the time to pick an herb from 2 to 0.5 seconds. It has no effect if the character does not have Herbalism as one of their two primary professions. The bonus is a flat +15 regardless of the character's Herbalism skill, meaning that Tauren herbalists start at 16 (1+15) skill when they learn the profession, and can reach a maximum of 815 (800+15) skill.     

[Endurance] - Endurance is as passive racial trait possessed by all tauren, increasing Stamina.

[Nature Resistance] - Nature Resistance is a passive racial ability of all night elves and tauren, granting them a 1% reduction to Nature damage taken.

[War Stomp] - War Stomp is a tauren racial ability that stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards of the player for two seconds. Its cast is not interrupted by pushback.

Although it has a 0.5 second cast and the stun duration is not that lengthy, it may still create time for spellcasting. Unfortunately, auto-attacks will not trigger while a target is stunned on account of this ability, though special abilities will. For example, a tauren warrior will land no auto-attacks on the stunned target until War Stomp's effect has faded, but abilities such as  [Overpower] and  [Slam] can still be used normally.