SyncerSoft - Analog Voice

Analog Voice is vintage analog synthesizer from SyncerSoft company. This synth include as sound processing as analog filter with 4 modes, reverb, stereo delay, syncable LFO and oscillators using 4 waveforms. Analog Voice vst give you sound based on subtractive synthesis. Synthesizer also has detune effect to make strange and phat audio signal with many harmonics. By the way Analog Voice include modulation with extended possibilities to get unusual audio signal. To the left side being panel is filter using 4 modes such as low pass, high pass, bandpass and notch pass so you be able to make audio signal of better sounding. If you look at oscillators of Analog Voice synth you can see 4 waveform types: pulse, saw, ramp and phase. LFO synth vst include enhanced option using too much waveform of sound processing such as pulse, saw, ramp phase and pulse, addition Analog Voice LFO has white and pink nose signals.

Analog voice vst features:

  • -Synth use subtractive synthesis.
  • -Reverb Effects.
  • -Effects stereo Delay.
  • -Oscillators with 4 forms of wave.
  • -Full MIDI Learn.
  • -4 Type of analog filter.
  • -Detune effect giving fat and strange audio signal.
  • -One tempo with syncable LFO.
  • -You can use 64 presets.