Studio Electronics Omega-8

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The Omega8 is an excellent 8-voice true analog synthesizer. Classic architecture with modern features it offers multi-filtering, arpeggiating, multi-timbrality, MIDI, memory, and more all in a 4-space rack module. With 32 knobs, 35 switches and a rotary encoder, most every parameter is within hands-reach!

The Omega8 features 2 true analog oscillators (VCOs) and one sub-oscillator per voice. Oscillator syncing and independent tuning is available just as on the classic analogs. Then there are the two analog VCF 24dB and 12dB filters that really resemble the sounds of Moog and Oberheim. Additional 303 and ARP 2600 filter circuits are also available! Three LFO's with classic wave shapes can modulate a variety of parameters among the oscillators, VCF and VCA sections. Three multi-stage VCA envelope generators with classic ADSR type controls and more are also onboard.

A good arpeggiator belongs in any analog synth, and the Omega8 has that too! It has tempo, direction, range, interval and MIDI sync controls for a very modern implementation of this useful effect. And speaking of useful effects, there is linear and exponential Glide (portamento) with its own set of modern control and destination parameters. There are plenty more real-time controllers and modulation sources that can be assigned via MIDI, Midi sysex, etc. This makes the Omega8 a strong contemporary to the Novation SuperNova, JP-8080 and Korg MS-2000 modules with one key difference - the Omega8 is truly analog!