Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075

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The desktop synthesizer market is hotly contested. You can choose from dozens of synth models world-wide. Boomstar 4075 is one of them. Studio Electronics released the Boomstar series quite a while ago, but now these are the talk of the day. There are many reasons for this.

Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075. The Boomstar is a discrete, through-hole, hand-matched transistor, American-made monophonic analog synthesizer which comes in 6 models, each based on a different classic filter design.

First and foremost, Studio Electronics now produces modular systems on the basis of the Boomstar models. And the Boomstar 4075 is often mentioned in connection with the legendary ARP 2600 synthesizer. Whether or not this is justified, will be considered below.

With the SE Boomstar 4075, as with all Boomstar synthesizers, you are in for a surprise. The many advantages are nonetheless offset by a few questionables. The advantages don’t really suprise us, considering that US-based Studio Electronics has been one of the most innovative synth manufacturers around the world in the last decades. Let’s be clear about this, Studio Electronics knows what it’s doing!

Now to those questionables. Well, to cut a long story short: it’s just two trivial hardware complaints, really, along with a few suggestions for musical improvement.