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The Strymon Ola dBucket Chorus and Vibrato offers lush, organic effects with a range of adjustable parameters, three dynamic modes, and a selection of high quality chorus and vibrato effects, making the Ola and incredibly versatile pedal. By using dBucket algorithms and a high performance DSP, the pedal is capable of recreating the warm, sonic complexities of classic chorus’ and vibratos in a compact and lightweight design. With a favourite footswitch to save your settings, and stereo input and output, the pedal is a highly capable machine that will enhance your playing experience.

dBucket Chorus and Vibrato

Designed with a dBucket algorithm and a high performance DSP, the Ola recreates the warm, sonic complexities of classic analogue chorus and vibratos. Offering three modulation types and three dynamic modes to choose from, the effects pedal features a range of adjustable parameters, with a global tone control for boosting or cutting the treble frequency of the wet signal. The pedal also features high quality analogue front end and output sections, with a stereo input and output for deliver high quality effects.

Chorus, Multi-Chorus, and Vibrato

The Ola features three high quality modulations to choose from, allowing you to select and single delay line chorus, a three-phase multi delay-line chorus, and a vintage vibrato circuit. The single chorus featured is a traditional effect, using a logarithmic LFO to create deep chorus’ that can go from lush to puling by dialling in the speed and depth controls. The multi-chorus features three individual dbucket delay sections per channel, creating a studio quality chorus that can handle a high wet mix without sounding to warped. The Vibrato effect uses a sinusoidal type LFO and a single dbucket delay-line per channel to capture the original, classic vibrato stomp pedals.

Three Dynamic Modes

Along with the different modulations, the pedal features two modes to further enhance the effects, whilst the normal mode allows the pedal to produce a clean effect. When switched into envelope mode, the pedals effects react to the way you play, producing effects that are shaped by your sound. When chorus is selected, the wet signal diminishes when you are playing hard and comes back at low levels of playing, whilst in multi-chorus, the envelope is reversed so the wet signal increases at low playing levels and then decreases when played loud. When vibrato is selected, the speed of the vibrato increases when you play heavy and then slows down at lower levels of playing.

When Ramp mode is selected, all the modulations are affected the same, allowing you to adjust the speed of the ramps via the ramp/env control. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the speed of the ramp, and hold down the bypass footswitch to ramp in the effect.