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As much as I love my TimeLine Delay from Strymon, I find the banking system to be a little bit difficult at times. Having to hit 2 switches at once to go up or down scrolling through presets is not my favorite part about that pedal…well, I must not be the only one, because Strymon has heard our complaints and come up with an elegant, easy-to-use and multi-functional solution: the MutliSwitch.

Compatible with the TimeLine, BigSky and Mobius pedals, the MultiSwitch gives you a ton of control over whichever pedal you’re using it with. For this review, I worked with the TimeLine, since that is the only one of the 3 pedals I have! It seems to be most useful with the TimeLine, anyway, so it all worked out perfectly. The Looper function I hadn’t really explored all that much, to be honest, but using the MultiSwitch made it fun and easy to do so. It basically turns into a 6-button Looper control, via the provided TRS cable. The first set of controls are Rec/Dub, Play and Stop, which are simple enough to figure out. If you hold down the TimeLine’s TAP switch, the Multi becomes a second set of controls: Reverse, Half Speed and Undo/Redo. This is an excellent option for having complete control over your looper, and is very user-friendly as well.

As far as being compatible with all 3 pedals, the MultiSwitch does that as well, performing a group of functions that will have any Strymon user smiling with delight. Bank Mode allows you to scroll up and down between preset banks, and use the middle button to scroll through the presets in the current bank. Preset Mode lets you easily maneuver through your presets, with the ability to engage or bypass the current preset as well. Tap Mode also lets you scroll through the presets, up or down, but the middle button now becomes a tap tempo for delay time or modulation speed.

Whew! Who thought a little box could do so much to enhance your pedal-working experience? Thanks so much to Strymon for letting me test the MultiSwitch out, and especially for coming up with it in the first place. I and other users have wanted something like this for a while….thanks for listening.


  • Latest TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius firmware provides several Expression Modes compatible with MultiSwitch:
  • -Loop Control Mode (TimeLine only)
  • -Bank Mode
  • -Preset Mode
  • -Tap Mode
  • 1/4  Right-Angle TRS cable included
  • No additional power supply required
  • Rugged gunmetal gray anodized aluminum chassis
  • Small and lightweight
  • Designed and built in the USA