Starting a Warrior WoW

The Warrior Class Best Race is the hardest to choose since this is the only class that can roll every race in wow. If you plan to PVP as this class then we recommend using Dwarves for the Alliance as their racial traits are good for both PVP and PVE (Dungeons/Raids). For the Horde, PVP Race is going to be Orc and Undead, but if you want something that works well in both PVP and PVE content then try Tauren, they gain +5% Maximum HP which helps with tanking and an AOE Stun Ability which is clutch as well.


If you like action, warriors are at the front line of battle, either tanking or dealing DPS. However, they are a very gear-dependent class, and don't have many survivability skills to help with solo leveling. When soloing, expect to rely heavily on healing items such as potions, bandages and food as you level (in raids, the healers will top you off). Many first time players have expressed frustration with the warrior class due to their frequent death rate early on.

If you do choose to be a warrior it is likely you will do some tanking. Keep this in mind: Protection warriors do much less damage than Arms/Fury Warriors, but can take far more damage. This becomes vital as PvE becomes more and more challenging at the end-game. Your main job as a tank is to make all the enemies focus their attention on you (and survive), not to kill them! If you want the glory of the big kill and bragging rights to high raid DPS, Protection Warriors are not for you! On the other hand, Arms/Fury warriors can dish out as much DPS as any other class. If you want to be in large part responsible for pacing the raid and managing aggro appropriately to keep the raid alive, then as a warrior tank you can become very popular!

For tanking, as for DPS, gear is crucial, but more than perhaps any other party role tanking requires skill. If you want to tank end-game content, consider running low-level instances as you level. Doing so will give you invaluable practice in managing aggro, especially in large packs full of casters.

Warriors use Rage to fuel their abilities. By taking or giving damage, warriors accumulate rage to activate their abilities. You will accumulate a great deal of rage from tanking because you are being hit by multiple mobs. You will also accumulate rage from DPS as dealing damage gives rage as well.

Race Selection

If you're a power-player, you'll want to consider the various Racial Traits when choosing what race to play. Note that beginning racial stats (Draenei having more strength than Gnomes, or Orcs having more stamina than Forsaken, for example) become irrelevant above level 30, and only have minimal effect before then.

For more casual gamers, there's really no major difference between the races — choose the race that you want to play, whether for its looks, its voice, or because its simply good fun!


Grouping isn't all that different from soloing. At these levels any class can pretty much look after itself, but be ready to help out a weaker caster class if you see them under attack—always protect your healer!

If you're tanking, ask your group to "assist" you to ensure you focus your party's firepower on one mob. They can do this by selecting you (use the F1-F5 keys to target group members) and then pressing "F". This way, mobs will die faster. Another way to do this, and one which avoids the problem that a warrior sometimes needs to switch targets to keep aggro, is to be the group leader, and bind a hotkey to the skull Raid Target Icon. For instance, you could bind Ctrl-K (K = Kill = sKull), and use this key to identify the "kill target". In most high-level dungeon parties, the main tank is group leader for this purpose, and marking is a useful skill for a tank to learn. Other marks have common meanings, such as the star for  [Sap] or Sheep, and blue square for  [Freezing Trap]. The use of these marks should be established at the start of an instance run.