Starting a Shaman WoW

Shamans are a unique multi-modal class: they can play as casters, as healers, or as melee DPS. Their totems and utility spells make them valuable members of any group, and their ability to self-heal and conjure fierce elementals give them high survivability in solo and PVP content.

Enhancement shamans are dangerous melee attackers, imbuing their weapons with temporary powers to make their strikes even more lethal. Elemental shamans are ranged casters, summoning the powers of nature to weaken, transform and injure their enemies. And Restoration shamans use the power of water, casting forth soothing rains and tremendous surges of healing energy.

Shamans have one of the largest spellbooks in the entire game, with their myriad totems and enhancements often confusing new players. But it doesn't have to be difficult, and Wowpedia is here to help make sure it isn't.

Shaman Class Best Race

The Shaman Class Best Race is limited and exclusive to the Horde Faction, this leaves you will only 3 options for you to choose from. Each is strong in their own way, but we think that Tauren and Orc are at the top due to their Racial Traits. Mainly Orc as they can have both Bloodlust and Bloodfury these combine is huge buff when it comes to damaging enemies or raid bosses.


Although totems have decreased in importance since Cataclysm, they're still an important part of every shaman's rotation.

Your first totem,  [Searing Totem], will do a good deal of damage to a single enemy, and should be used in most single-target encounters. (Especially for enhancement shamans who benefit from  [Searing Flames].) As you level up, you'll begin swapping it out for  [Magma Totem], which does less damage, but hits every enemy within an 8-yard range.

You'll gradually acquire more and more totems as you level up, and using them effectively is what differentiates good shamans from poseurs. Some totems are primarily useful in PVP, others in PVE, and some for solo play.


The shaman is a jack-of-all-trades class, 2nd to only the druids, which make them both a blessing and a curse for groups. They can fulfill multiple roles in a group (not effective tanks), but never fill any one role as well as a more specialized class. Additionally, most skills that make shamans useful to a group come after reaching level 10.

Still, low-level shamans can help most groups significantly. Their totem spells are some of the only spells in the game that affect entire groups. At low levels, the Stoneskin Totem improves the survivability of the party significantly, as does Healing Wave. The combination makes low-level shamans best at being a group's secondary healer, though they can be primary healers if necessary. If acting as primary healer, refrain from activating your Lightning Shield in order to avoid drawing aggro that might interrupt your heals. Shamans can also both deal and take damage, so often will act as a buffer between front line fighters and the direct damage dealers.

If your group dynamic allows it, try to focus less on fighting and more on monitoring the battlefield. Heal when needed. Always group buff with Stoneskin. Watch for mobs harassing spell casters, particularly the primary healer. If you are the primary healer, resist the urge to pummel opponents. Playing a group shaman is something of an art. You have a wide range of tricks at your disposal and using the right one at the right time makes all the difference.

Most classes are given advice to "assist" the Warrior if you have one in your group, to ensure you focus your party's firepower on one mob. You can do this by selecting the tank (use the F1-F5 keys to target group members) and then pressing "F". This way, mobs will die faster. If you don't have a tank in the group, agree amongst yourselves who to assist. Although it's not all that important now, it's an important habit to get used to for later levels.

While good advice, shamans should take it with a grain of salt. If tank support is your role in the group, then do it; however, more often your job will be to assist the other players who are assisting the tank.