Starting a Rogue WoW

Rogues are the premier melee damage-dealing class in World of Warcraft. In PvE, rogues specialize in delivering sustained DPS at close range, often topping the damage meters in raids. PvP rogues use stealth and their armory of stuns, interrupts and disengages to take out an enemy before they get a chance to react, or get away clean if they do.

The downside of being a rogue is a lack of flexibility. They have no useful way to attack from a distance, their leather armor and lack of healing skills make them vulnerable to counter-attack. If you want to get up close and personal with your enemies and hit them fast and hard, it's difficult to look past the rogue. If you are looking for a class with a mixture of roles and playing styles, a rogue may not be for you.

Rogue Class Best Race

The Rogue Class Best Race is another tough choice, there are so many races to choose from. For Horde players, we think you should pick Orc or Undead due to the racial traits benefiting the Stealth type of gameplay. Alliance Players have two really strong options Dwarves are just simply good for PVP content which is where the Rogue Class tends to do best. You also have the Night Elf which with their Racial Traits just fits the Rogue playstyle very well.


Grouping isn't all that different from soloing. At these levels any class can pretty much look after itself, but be ready to help out a weaker caster class if you see them under attack - always protect your healer!

Remember to "assist" the warrior or paladin if you have one in your group, to ensure you focus your party's firepower on one mob. You can do this by selecting the tank (use the F1-F5 keys to target group members) and then pressing "F". This way, mobs will die faster. If you don't have a tank in the group, agree amongst yourselves whom to assist. Although it's not all that important now, it's an important habit to get used to for later levels.