Starting a Druid WoW

The Druid is a class so in-tune with nature that they have gained the ability to change their form into that of wild creatures. Like other hybrids they primarily play their active talent specialization, and can switch to other roles mid-fight or mid-raid, to adapt to changing situations. They have a unique set of shape-shift forms they transform into to carry out those roles effectively.

Druids are the ultimate jack-of-all-trades. They are the only class able to fill every major role in the game: melee DPS, ranged (magic) DPS, tank, and healer. Their cat form is similar to a simplified rogue, while their bear form is similar to a simplified warrior. While they are usually not the best at any one role, they can more than adequately do nearly all of them.

Druid Class Best Race

When it comes to the Druid Class Best Race you don’t really have a choice since for Horde players only Tauren and Alliance players only Night Elf can become the Druid Class. You could flex between Factions to choose the strongest race but we don’t consider it worth it, so we recommend you play the Faction you want.

Druid flexibility Edit

A hallmark of the druid class is extreme flexibility. While talents will tailor a druid towards a certain specialization, it is not the only factor to consider. Gear sets specialized for different uses and shapeshifting into the alternate forms can go a long way towards allowing a druid of one talent spec to function in an off-spec role. A feral druid with a set of caster gear will be able to do a fairly competent job of healing or DPS spellcasting in caster form. Likewise, a balance or restoration spec druid in feral form with a feral gear set should be able to DPS or even tank in many cases. This is particularly true at the lower levels where players of all classes have incomplete talent selections making talents less of a factor. As levels increase and talent selections are filled in, the ability to play off-spec will diminish. For example, Moonkin Form becomes available to balance druids with 31 talent points (level 40). This is a game changing talent that significantly enhances the balance druid as a caster over off-spec casting druids.


The druid is one of the most versatile classes in WoW, because you can be almost any part of a 5-man dungeon/raid. It can be quite hard to learn to play all the roles a druid is capable of, but the versatility and ease of finding a group is worth it. No tank? Use your  [Bear Form]. No healer? Keep an eye on the party's health bars and heal when they're injured. Need a scout? Use your  [Cat Form]. Communicate! Ask the others what they plan to do, what they expect from you.

Don't forget your crowd control spells,  [Entangling Roots] and  [Hibernate]; they can be useful if the group gets more enemies than expected.

If you're DPSing a group, remember to attack the same target as the other DPSers. This is most easily achieved through the /assist command, causing you to target the same target as the one you assist. It might not be all that important at early levels, but its an important habit to get used to for later levels.

If you are the tank, use your  [Bear Form], and remind your group to always assist you in battle, to ensure you focus your party's firepower on one mob. They can do this by selecting you (use the F1-F5 keys to target group members) and then pressing "F". This way, mobs will die faster.

The druid is a very versatile class. Especially when acting as a DPSer, you have the ability to offheal, offtank, combat rez and  [Innervate] if needed, saving the group from what would otherwise be a wipe. It can be done if acting as a tank or healer as well, but is much harder to pull off.