Starting a Demon Hunter WoW

One of the best additions to World of Warcraft with Legion is the Demon Hunter, a new class focused on extreme mobility and the use of fel magic to power their attacks. These new fel-charged warriors are definitely badass, but they have a lot behind them too – which makes having a basic understanding important to playing them successfully.

In order to be able to start a demon hunter character, you must have a level 70 or higher character on any server (it has to be on the same account and realm). When the character is first created, you will must do a series of quests mostly on the world fragment Mardum, the Shattered Abyss. By doing these quests, you will learn how to bend the power of the Demon Hunter to your own will, and after you have mastered that, you are then capable of going to any other area.

When you log in as your Demon Hunter, you’ll be limited to a few abilities that don’t do too much – but as you progress though the starting area you’ll slowly accumulate new ones to add to your arsenal by absorbing demonic essence from key targets. Each of these abilities revolve around Fury or Pain (depending on your specialization), which is the active resource you’ll be using in combat as a Demon Hunter.

Much like a Death Knights Runic Power and a Warrior’s Rage, Fury and Pain are resources generated in combat as you both deal and take damage. Your main source of resource generation will be the Demon’s Bite/Shear ability, which generates 20-30 of your respective resource on use and caps out at 100. This cap can be further increase through your Artifact Weapon and a few talents later on.

Fury and Pain are used to power a wide variety of Demon Hunter attacks and abilities, which will ultimately depend on your character’s specialization. Unlike the other classes, Demon Hunters only have two main specializations to choose from: Havoc and Vengeance.

Havoc will be your starting specialization and is automatically assigned when you start. This specialization focuses entirely on dealing damage while moving around the battlefield. With Havoc, your primary weapon is a set of warglaives and your active resource is Fury. While playing Havoc, you’ll also get access to a plethora of offensive abilities to use in combat such as Eye Beam, Blade Dance, and Metamorphosis.

Havoc is a specialization focused on making the most of your Fury pool while reacting to situations across the battlefield. What’s great about Havoc is it also provides you with a ton of movement-related abilities that allow you to navigate better than any other player, giving you an advantage in both dungeon and raid encounters.

While playing this specialization you’ll have a pretty easy rotation to follow. Your go-to attack will be Demon’s Bite in order to generate Fury, which you will then spend on offensive abilities like Chaos Strike, Blade Dance and Eye Beam. The damage of your abilities can further be boosted by Metamorphosis too – which grants additional attack speed and augments most of your abilities with more power for a short amount of time.

You’ll also get access to two movement related abilities in Havoc too: Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat. Both of these abilities are excellent for maneuvering around the battlefield when combined with your double jump and glide. Plus, you can use them to get in and out of bad situations while dealing a moderate amount of damage.