Samsara Cycle Audio - 5-SC

Samsara Cycle Audio company releases 5-SC analog synthesizer using only 1 oscillator. 5-SC virtual (vst) analog synth include as sound processing as LFO, mod controls, ADSR envelope using individual level and standard music effects such as reverb and delay. It is synthesizer of good sounding tool and making warm dynamic of audio signal from Samsara Cycle Audio company. 5-SC analog include single oscillator having as waves forms as Square, Saw, Noise. Synth also has octave selector mode to create more high harmonic of sounds to prevent conflict with other instruments of mix. 5-SC analog LFO use 3 modes of audio processing such as amp, pitch and filter. That is very good because LFO can give you unnecessary signal and broke your sound if you will add LFO too many. But if you need effect of sound then you should add LFO too many.

5-SC analog features:

  • -1 OSC.
  • -Midi Learn.
  • -Octave selector .
  • -Standard Reverb/Delay Effects.
  • -LFO for Amp, Pitch, Filter.
  • -Square Wave, Saw and Noise.
  • -Portamento.
  • -Filter Controls
  • -Amp Sections.
  • -Tune.
  • -ADSR Envelope has Individual Level.
  • -Waveshape PWM Control.