Saltline - Ichi

Ichi is a subtractive, VA synthesizer with 2 identical sound generators and an extensive modulation matrix. Each generator consists of 2 oscillators, a state variable filter and a delay. It is a simple yet effective synth that is capable of producing a wide range of sounds from percussive hits to atmospheric pads, organic basses to digital leads.


2 identical sound generators. 1 generator consists of:

-2 oscillators. 7 waveforms each. Octave, semitone and fine tuning. Sync.
-Oscillator bias, phase relation and pulse width controls.
-12/24db state variable filters with note follow cutoff.
-Delay with sync to host, user defined and note follow rate.
-12db filter, delay pan and mix.

Modulation matrix:

-10 Modulation sources: 4 LFOs, 4 envelope generators, aftertouch and velocity.
-Modulation amount, signal invert and restrict hi and low.
-24 Destination slots.
-Modulation matrix destinations:

---Oscillator pitch, pulse width phase relation and bias.
---Filter cutoff and resonance. Pan and volume. Delay rate, feedback, cutoff and pan. Chorus mix, rate, depth,and delay. Limiter pre-gain.

Global features:

Chorus, limiter and master volume.
Pitch bend range, MIDI channel select, portamento and MIDI learn.