Roland VP-550

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Lets face it, not every musician can afford to hire a choir for their gigs or recording sessions. Sometimes just finding a qualified background singer or two can be a chore. Dilemma solved with the VP-550 Vocal and Ensemble Keyboard. Much more than a traditional vocoder or harmonizer, the VP-550 uses Rolands breakthrough vocal-modelling technology to bring the highest-quality, interactive vocal sounds to a dedicated instrument. Connect a mic, select a sound, and play. You wont believe what can come out of this instrument spectacular classical choirs, soulful gospel choirs, pop and jazz voices, male and female ensembles, vintage vocoder, and lush string/vocal hybrids. A great addition for lounge musicians playing at bars and hotels.

Roland VP-550 Features

  • Generate expressive, interactive backing vocals in real time
  • Vocal Designer types Classic, Male/Female, Gospel, Pop, Vocoder, Ext In
  • Ensemble types Strings 1, Strings 2, Jazz Scat, Mixed Chorus, Boys Choir, Humming
  • Play Vocal Designer and Ensemble sounds simultaneously
  • Exceptionally user-friendly operation
  • Built-in Voice Check recorder for handy vocal-model auditioning
  • Invisible D Beam infrared controller for high-impact performance
  • Ambience types Hall 1, Hall 2, Studio

Vocal-Modelling Magic

The human voice is the most expressive musical instrument of all, so why not use it as a tool to create ultra-realistic and expressive "virtual vocals" with words generated from your own voice? Whether you need a full choir, or surreal vocoder-like layers, the VP-550 can deliver the interactive, expressive vocal backing you need. The VP-550 is also equipped with world-class string sounds, which can be blended together with the vocal effects.

Practical Advantage

Not specific to one style of music, the VP-550 can be used for a wide variety of musical applications. It s ideal for musicians who perform alone or in small groups, for example, and who need an interactive, real-time backing chorus. Or, film and TV music composers who are challenged with time and budget can use the VP-550 to generate high-impact choral arrangements on the spot. Churches in need of a choir (or choir enhancer) will love the VP-550. The creative possibilities are vast, as are the time/money savings that this instrument can provide.

Blast From the Past

The VP-550 is equipped with ultra high-resolution vocoder modelling, which can be used to generate surreal vocal effects great for electronica.