Roland SH-32

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The SH-32 Synthesizer is a nod to Roland's past with a look toward the future. This 4-part multitimbral synth uses new Wave Acceleration Synthesis to deliver up to 32 voices of fat synth waves and entirely new waveforms. There's also a full complement of knobs and sliders-plus analog-style drums, DSP effects and a killer arpeggiator-giving musicians desktop access to a range of stunning synth sounds at an unbelievable low price.

  • Powerful desktop synthesizer with massive realtime control
  • New Wave Acceleration Synthesis creates a variety of synth waves-67 total
  • Includes standard synth waves plus new waveforms like Spectrum and Noise
  • Up to 32-note/4-part multitimbral operation
  • 2 main oscillators and 2 suboscillators with ultra-thick Subsonic mode
  • Pulse width modulation and oscillator "hard" sync capability
  • insert and loop effects processors with 10 types of reverb/delay and 35 multi-effects
  • Programmable arpeggiator for creating synth lines or drum patterns
  • Patches using oscillator sync will be monophonic