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Unlikely, founder of Roland, the former a specialist in repair of various electrical, engineer Ikutaro Kakehashi, could imagine that the musical instruments created by him, will gain such popularity in the musical community, and monophonic SH-101 will be in the future, a true rarity and a welcome tool for any fan of electronic music, even as a collector's item. That is why the specialists of the Japanese company decided to recreate the famous model of the past years by developing the Roland SH-01A, which has the same unique sound and new creative capabilities.

Many musicians try to reproduce the sound of the original using different devices, but the Roland SH-01A does this better than others, thanks to special modeling technology and the development of other more modern directions. The developers tried to make the Roland SH-01A very similar to its famous predecessor, but in a new guise, without a keyboard and in a more compact case. An important role in the creation of the Roland SH-01A was played by the commercial component and timely response to changes in the general trends of the music market and the constant growth in demand for vintage equipment.

The original Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB), successfully implemented on the Roland SH-01A, made it possible to realize the wildest expectations, down to the smallest nuances of sounds of the past, which do not give rest to fans of synthesizers to this day. Replacing the old generation of musical instruments, the Roland SH-01A took all the best that is in the classic sound of old devices (unique basses, solos, various noises and other effects), added to them updated polyphonic capabilities, thereby opening up new perspectives for the user.

The architecture of the device SH-101 is quite simple and the sounds it reproduces as if frozen in the past and now the Roland SH-01A, which has replaced it, has four times more voices, and gives the sound a new feelings. In addition to the well-known "Mono" mode, the Roland SH-01A uses the "Unison" mode, where superimposing voices on each other, achieves a brighter and more powerful sound of bass and solos, conducting similar manipulations in the "Chord" and "Poly" modes, you get additional sources of electronic sounds and special effects. This functionality of the Roland SH-01A allows you to significantly expand the original sound palette of the 90s, adding a new high-quality sound.

Used on the Roland SH-01A, ACB technology is very different from the usual modeling methods, it reproduces each analog component, after a detailed analysis of all parts of the original circuits.  Even before the introduction of this technology in Roland SH-01A, the company's leading specialists did a lot of work to study the various capabilities of analog components, using high computing power, which in the end gave an excellent result.

The weak point of the SH-101 was the modulation capabilities, because the synthesizer had only one LFO, which was used to change of parameters oscillator and filter. On the one hand, this made it easy to create timbre changes synchronized with the sequence, but on the other hand, it did not allow you to create more complex sounds, this problem was no longer relevant in the Roland SH-01A. With a 64-pattern sequencer, the Roland SH-01A is able to select, save and load the desired pattern at any time, using MIDI support, USB or another option, using various hardware synthesizers and even software plug-ins. The Roland SH-01A may well turn out to be a kind of conductor's console, located in the center of your recording Studio, setting the desired tempo.

The Roland SH-01A is relatively small in size and will not cause any problems during transportation. The Roland SH-01A can be positioned at the desired angle so that nothing interferes with the creative process. A useful option, the Roland SH-01A, can be considered the presence of a built-in speaker and the ability to power independently using batteries.