Roland SE-02

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Discover the Roland SE-02, the leading analog synthesizer from the upcoming Roland's Boutique Designer collection. Being a product of full cooperation with Electronics Studio, it got powerful discrete analogue circuit system. That provides both outstandingly ideal sound and smart multifunctional soft configuration. Enjoy playful work with the user oriented keyboard. Thanks to a great number of conveniently located knobs, individual control switches for each parameter and a built-in sequencer, the Roland SE-02 synthesizer is intuitively comprehensible. Just sense it.

The technological essence of Roland SE-02 - creating music hardware - is based on 3 exceptionally reliable oscillators. Also the synthesizer includes an excellent low pass 24dB voltage controlled filter and a strong dual stage amplifier. Some of these temperature controlled features make self tuning with 6 kinds of waveforms real. For maximal programming delight and total melody satisfaction, the Roland SE-02 synthesizer provides a wide range of exclusive brandy signals and innovative composing advancements such as  breathtaking noise and useful ADSR generators, oscillator synchronization, tempo sync 9 waves low frequency oscillation, almost an endless tempo syncing echo delay, sweep and contrastly invert envelopes, possibility of simultaneous 3 X-mods (types of cross modulation) implementation and coherent feedback loops with amazing filter capacities incorporation.

Notwithstanding the light weighted design, the Roland SE-02 synthesizer involves an extremely tough metal top. What about accessories, 01 DK and 25m K docks will definitely take care of its integrity. Links to other devices? The model has many useful 1/8 jack ports for: stereo headphones, outer stereo input, stereo line out; voltage controlled inputs for the filter, CV/pitch, CV/gate, in and out trigger. To get anticipated MIDI panel connection attainable, the Roland SE-02 synth is equipped with the newly developed 5 pin DIN and Micro B USB in and out connectors. Searching for unique resonances? Reach juicy polyphonies with one extra more and more Roland SE-02.

The fifth word - a magnificent musical dimension and preferable motion are achieved by the 16 buttoned sequencer. As far as the Roland SE-02 synth has an amazing ability to harmonize different tempos from external sources via USB, MIDI, or trigger inputs, it can keep sequences of patch numbers, adjusting unnoticeable glides and step by step time gates. Wishing upon stably correct and almostly automated settings? With just one push on the right saving buttons you can get a great amount of inspiring free time in the future. Even more, impressive performance synth play offers everyone an immediate choice of  their perfect: track directions, tone scales, pattern shuffles and the starting - the ending sound effects. In addition, Roland SE-02 is upgraded with an included long power cable and AC DC adapter.