Roland RD-800

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From sound to design, the Roland-800 was born for live performance, with features that join the musician’s needs and the audience’s expectations at the forefront of its capability.

Performing live requires the musician to call upon the versatility of the instrument so that his audience isn’t disappointed. Whether it’s a solo performer or a group making the music, the RD-800’s selection of grand piano sounds suits all styles of performance, with five acoustic piano types and 34 variations from which to select.

This Roland digital piano review will explore the unique qualities and features of the Roland RD-800, and we’ll also end up comparing this piano to its Yamaha counterparts, especially the Yamaha CP4.

Roland RD 800 Vs Roland RD 700

The Roland RD-700NX and 800 share some similar traits: the SuperNATURAL technology, the Roland tradition for delivering on life performances, but the Roland 800 is the newer version of the model, with many of the 700’s flaws worked out.

It has five acoustic piano types with 34 variations, compared to the 700’s three grand piano types with 30 variations. Both have the ivory-feel PHA keyboard.  The RD 700 noise issues with the thumping of the keys was resolved in the 800 model.

Features Of The Roland RD-800

Here are a few great features of the RD800, which really make it stand out against some of the competition.

  • Concert grand tone can cut through a live performance, and modify sound immediately
  • Customize piano sounds to suit a performance venue or your personal style
  • One touch piano buttons give instant access to standard piano and electric sounds
  • Piano designer gives the performer the ability to adjust tonal elements
  • Note voice allows the adjustment of pitch, level and tonal character
  • Live sets provides access to prepared set-ups that include keyboard split points and tone layers
  • 88-note keyboard with hammer-action design
  • Five acoustic piano types with 34 variations
  • Over 1100 additional sounds
  • Storage for 200 live sets
  • PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with touch-detection technology
  • Weighs 47 pounds