Roland Pro-E

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A rare Synth/Arranger/Workstation from the late 1980s with the highly sought-after sounds from the D-Series and a nice playing and compact 37 key velocity-sensitive keyboard. The Roland Pro-E gives you top quality synthesizer sounds, very good automatic accompaniment patterns and powerful sequencing options.

Resulting in a powerful one-man-band system, suitable for use by inexperienced as well as professional players. The Pro-E’s Arranger section automatically generates a tasteful accompaniment which consists of drums bass and other instruments (like piano, percussion and wind instruments) which are based on the chord you play and the musical style you choose. 32 pre-programmed musical styles, which each have an additional variation.

You can also choose between ‘basic’ or ‘advanced’ versions of these styles, which actually gives you 128 (32 styles x 2 original / variation x 2 basic / advanced) different accompaniment options! Excellently arranged Intros, Fill-Ins, Breaks and Endings in all conceivable musical styles. With the ‘Chord Intelligence’ function, you can let it play full chords with only one or two fingers.

Also ‘Chord hold’, ‘Sync Start’ and eight programmable User Programs available for making your own custom combinations of parameters for use with different songs or arrangements.
Every User Program saves settings with the chosen sounds, musical styles, tempo, level balance, effects and other functions and these settings can then directly be accessed by pressing a single button. Ideal for live performances. The Pro-E also offers a ‘melody intelligence’ function which adds block chords based on the melody and played chords.

Sound Source Section:

  • LA Digital Synthesis (32 Parts, 13 Structures)
  • 128 Sounds
  • 30 Rhythm Tones
  • Maximum polyphony: 32 Voices
  • Digital Reverb: 8 Kinds (Hall 1/2, Plate 1/2, Room 1/2, Delay 1/2)