Roland MC-09

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The MC-09 PhraseLab is a new creative tool for producing loops. Combining an analog modeling synth, step sequencer, four-part audio looper, and effects processor, this instrument helps musicians develop loops with multiple variations. The MC-09 is a must for musicians, DJs and synth enthusiasts who work with audio phrases and want powerful analog-modeled synthesis at an affordable price.

  • Tabletop synth/audio looper with onboard sequencing and effects
  • Analog modeling monosynth creates realistic TB-303 -like basslines, synth-lines, and analog-type rhythm sounds
  • 4-Track Audio looper with mixer to create loop variations
  • Programmable step sequencer that emulates TB-303 sequencing (slides, accents, etc)
  • Easy automatic looping using BPM and measures
  • Loop Control function to get wild new phrases
  • 4 built-in effects—Filter, Isolator, Phaser and Slicer—that can be manipulated with the Step Sequencer
  • SmartMedia slot for pattern/audio storage; MIDI In/Out