Roland JX-8P

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Roland JX-8P is a 61-key, velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive, six-note polyphonic, fully analog synthesizer released by Roland in 1985. In a time of rising popularity of digital frequency modulation synthesizers, such as Yamaha DX7, JX-8P was marketed as the best of both worlds: while it was possible to create classic analog synth sounds, several new modulation parameters and redesigned hardware enabled it to produce certain types of sounds associated with FM synthesis, such as metallic percussive sounds. Likewise, traditional hands-on controls were replaced with a DX-style interface with membrane buttons and one "edit" slider.

The forerunners to the JX-8P were the JX-3P and the rack MKS-30. JX-8P was among the last true analog synthesizers produced by Roland in the 1980s, with Alpha Juno 1/2 synths, racks MKS-50 and MKS-70, and finally the JX-10.