Roland FA-06

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In 2014, a new series of workstations from Roland was announced. The Roland FA-06 uses a 61-key five-octave keyboard with semi-weighted mechanics. This station is equipped with 61 music keys, which allows you to use it both for creating Studio recordings and for live concerts. Roland FA-06 synthesizer produces a wide range of different musical sounds, which is ideal for writing music of any musical genre.

The weight of the Roland FA-06 is only 5.7 kg. It is really light, and it is due to the high-strength plastic from which it is made. All the necessary connectors for connecting devices are located on the back cover, and there are special anti-slip feet at the bottom of the case. For recording from portable devices, as well as for connecting them, there is a special line connector (minijack). Also Roland FA-06 synthesizer includes a combined microphone/guitar input, which has an outgoing adjustment available, with a mode switch. The special Tone Remain function allows you to switch between different timbres and effects. All samples, recorded files and various settings are stored on the SD card that is included with the device. The connector is protected by a metal shield from mechanical damage and accidental drops during transportation.

The Roland FA-06 has a large color display located in the center of the station. The screen indicates that important information is exceptional, which makes it really informative and intuitive. When you change the parameters, they are immediately displayed on the display. All sounds in the Roland FA-06 synthesizer are sorted by theme, and you can use the toggle button to select the desired preset. The advantage is that when switching the timbre change, the previous instrument continues to play until the key is pressed completely. This feature is ideal for live concerts.

A key feature of the Roland FA-06 is the use of SuperNATURAL sounds. This feature brings it closer to a real musical instrument and allows you to get a different sound, like the mechanical samplers of the 80's. On the left side of the device there are 6 special controls that display the main parameters. The current group of parameters is displayed on the highlighted triangle. The D-BEAM controller is located near the controllers. The proximity of the controller allows you to use it simultaneously with the first two controllers. On the right side there are pads that control the built-in sampler. They have a red led light that allows them to be used even in complete darkness.

The Roland FA-06 is ideal for both experienced musicians and beginners. It contains everything you need to create music, as well as for live performances. It is really easy to create on it, and its ability to create music is limited only by your imagination.