Roland D-70

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The Roland D-70 is a 76 note Super LA synthesizer produced in Japan in 1990. it featured a 320 x 80 backlit LCD display and competed with the likes of the Korg M1 workstation and the Korg T Series. The D-70 can also split or layer the four tones that constitute a patch and has D-50 style TVF filters. It has an on board drums sounds and is 6 part multi timbral (5 synth parts and one drum part). It has four left control faders that can be assigned in real-time to the following paramemeters: Level, Pan, Tuning, Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, and Release. It has three modes of play: Mono, Polyphonic, Split. Despite being anticipated as a "Super D-50", it is in fact a different machine, a prototype of very successful JV series full sample playback synths (ROMplers). It's very similar to JV-90, though has less quality samples and less editing capabilities.

Typical sounds include: Rhodes, Strings, Pianos, Organ patches and also synth sounds such as: Ghosties, Prologue and SpaceDream.

There are six reverbs (Room 1-3, Hall 1 & 2 and Gated), delay and cross-delay, and one effect from Chorus 1 & 2, FB-Chorus, Flanger and Short Delay in another effect. There are just three reverb / delay parameters: reverb/delay time and level and delay feedback. Chorus / flanger allows you to set level, delay, rate, depth and feedback.