Roland AX-Synth

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Roland first entered the keytar market with the SH-101 in 1983 (the mod grip option turned it from a humble monosynth into a keytar). Following this, it released the AX-1 in 1992 and the AX-7 in 2002 (both successful MIDI controller keytars that had no onboard sounds).

After discontinuing the AX-7 in 2007, second-hand prices began to rocket - a testament to how popular these products actually are. Face it: keytars are so bad they're good and, in recognition of the need for cheese, Roland has brought it back big style.

As keytars go, the AX-Synth a gorgeous beast. It looks great in white, with flowing clean lines and, if you've got the nerve and desire, you WILL stand out on stage.

Coupled with neon blue lights on the preset select buttons, it all adds up to a very elegant product (though we have to say it's slightly let down by the plastic that it's fashioned from).