Roland Aira TB-3

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Thanks to Roland's impressive new Analog Circuit Behavior technology, the TB-3 is capable of reproducing the full range of sounds and textures available on the original TB-303 — and a whole lot more! This component-to-component modeling approach gives you the genuine behavior of the TB-303 attack, slide, and tie behavior, in addition to a flawlessly reproduced -18dB/octave ladder filter. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

With a total of four oscillators and a rack of effects onboard, the TB-3 offers up an amazing palette of tones. In all, you get 134 unique sounds broken up into four banks, including original TB-303 sounds, aggressive bass sounds, aggressive lead sounds, and sound effects. And we're just getting started!

  • Analog Circuit Behavior technology faithfully reproduces the classic TB-303 sound and behavior
  • Discover the full range of the original TB attack, slide, and tie functions plus a spot-on -18dB/octave ladder filter
  • A total of 4 oscillators and onboard effects provide a fantastic array of 134 amazing bass, lead, and SFX sounds

It may look like a module but it plays like a synth

A major improvement that the AIRA TB-3 offers over the original TB-303 is its sheer playability. That's largely thanks to the TB-3's amazing, pressure-sensitive touchpads. Backlit with red and green LEDs, these multipurpose pads serve as an octave of keys, but they also act as individual X/Y pads that allow you to control pitch and volume plus envelope modulation by applying pressure.

A set of truly playable knobs for controlling effects give the TB3 awesome sound-shaping potential right at your fingertips. This thing is so playable, and it gets even better. This same touchpad interface lets you transpose and chain patterns with simple gestures. And to top it off, you can change step count on the fly while seamlessly switching between performance and sequencing to create awesome grooves that evolve in real time.

  • Pressure-sensitive touch pads act as an octave of keys and X/Y controllers
  • Record in real time or perform with pitch, volume, modulation, and effects all at your fingertips
  • Touchpads also serve as gesture-based controllers for pattern transpose and chain functions