Roland A-49

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To date, manufacturers of musical instruments offer a fairly large selection of MIDI keyboard controllers of relatively small sizes, but their transportation is often bad for functional abilities. Recently, a new development of Roland A-49 appeared on the market, which brings portable keyboards to a qualitatively new level. You can choose black or white for a full- size four-octave MIDI model with an extraordinary clear sound, which is most valuable for a real musician.

For professional musicians, the Roland A-49 has a convenient keys shape for virtuosic performance of compositions of any complexity. Plus, the manufacturers have worked hard on optimal sound, removing vertical jitter and minimizing low-frequency mechanical noise. Also installed D-BEAM sound control sensor, after a simple setup, will allow you to control the sound, as a orchestra conductor does by waving a wand. For the Roland A-49, there is no boundary between electronic and acoustic sound, the built-in INTEGRA-7 provides quick access to SuperNATURAL sounds in a 16-tone sound module, as well as control of the JUPITER synthesizers.

The Roland A-49 model has amazing characteristics, where an excellent design solution is supported by a strong body, with a small weight of just over five pounds. There are 49 keys for easy touch made of high-quality materials, with the main settings on the left side of the tool. It is important to note that the Roland A-49 can be powered from a computer or laptop via a USB connection, which allows you to move freely without using different adapters and without getting tangled in the needless wires. For the normal operation of the Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller, a minimum amount of electricity is required, so the option using USB-bus is more convenient.

The Creator of the Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller, placed the USB interface on the back panel, for easy connection, so that while working, all the necessary information from the computer screen or laptop, was in front of your eyes. The control panel includes a multi-function sound modulation wheel, octave change buttons and the d-BEAM S1 and S2 controllers, as well as two regulators. There is a useful "Function" button that, in combination with other buttons and keys, controls the parameters and settings of the MIDI keyboard, which helps to diversify the writing of different works by. The device can work with Windows and MAC programs, also supports working with an iPad. Additionally, the Roland A-49 panel has an output with the ability to connect Expression pedal. The kit includes a USB cable, a software disk, and standard documentation.