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The Analogue Synthesiser, mainstay of Seventies' and Eighties' music, is back, reinvented in a new, more reliable and flexible form. Physical modelling via powerful DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) allow all the warmth and control of the synthesizers of yesteryear without the problems of unstable tuning and unrepeatable sounds, and with modern benefits like realtime control and multitimbral access.

Welcome to Darkstar, an 8-voice polyphonic synthesiser with all the highlights of the analogue tradition, Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Mod, Resonant Filtering and ADSR Enveloping, combined with all the advantages of modern MIDI instruments like rock-solid tuning, perfect program recall, velocity response and 5 different timbres simultaneously available.

So whether your aim is to recreate 'classic' timbres like 70's Disco Bassline / Screaming PWM Lead, chart new sonic territory with realtime joystick manipulation of ring modulation and velocity controlled resonance, or even combine both approaches in the same MIDI sequence, DARKSTAR is the perfect tool for you.

In the future, DARKSTAR's capabilities will grow thanks to the ability to change its EPROM-based DSP algorithms. This will allow you to convert DARKSTAR into many different products such as a mega-mono synthesizer or vocoder.

But DARKSTAR already offers so much with its marriage of proven synthesis techniques and state-of-the-art control. Now it's time to unlock the potential of analogue-style synthesis with modern control techniques in your music. Be creative!