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The unique TECHNOX synthesizer lies just in front of you! The times of abstinence have gone. The times of envy have also gone, when somebody else just bought the ABSOLUTELY last 909 or 303 unit! And no more trouble with these ugly MIDI to CV interface boxes. The TECHNOX offers you all those fancy Techno sounds you need to fool around in the dance-floor business! And besides, it's much more affordable than any of the old 'museum pieces' which sometimes have their own little problems of incompatibility to the rest of your synth gear... You'll remark rapidly that the TECHNOX offers really EVERYTHING you ever wanted to create your own dance-trax! Dig this!

You get 512 remarkable single sounds destinated for techno, ambient and EBM music. In the following chapter you'll learn everything about installing your TECHNOX, how to integrate it into your musical equipment, and finally, how to annoy your neighbours! The last point depends upon several different parameters: the thickness of your walls, the power of your amp and speakers and - last, but not least - the nerves of your neighbours. You'll get the best results by using a slightly distorted bass-drum sound, carefully hard-quantized to 4th notes... And then: pump up the volume! Try it - and see what happens!